Equip a lot of fire spells and also spam firaga. Also equip any kind of items that refill your cards (ether, megalixir, etc)

A Red Nocturne followed by a bunch if Firagas can reduced him down reasonably quickly, but even there is no the enemy card he's nice weak come fire.

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Leave a bunch that 0 cards at the finish if your deck, and remember you can press increase in the D-Pad to jump to the reload "card", climate you deserve to rotate end to her stash that 0 cards come break any if his sleights.

Don't summon Donald, he's obtained an practically 50/50 chance if making use of at the very least one blizzard and healing Vexen.

Thanks guy I'll shot this, anyone saying skip this game go right to KH2 yet I prefer to finish every one of them and the battle system in this one certainly don't deserve every the negative criticism it gets. Until this that didn't also feel that difficult so is this the hardest ceo in game or any other progress preventing boss wait for me ahead ?

Pretty sure I beat that spamming Sonic Blade. Pretty sure I offered that for the bulk of bosses ~ above Proud mode minus the last boss. Just incorporate different strike cards to add up to 20-23 and also have hi Potions come restock your assault cards and repeat. Imo it's much easier to manage than utilizing fatal frames at this point in the game.

Ready her sleight, wait for your opponent to present his card, then card break him. If he offers a sleight greater than yours, map break him through a 0 card. Set your deck up so every 3 cards are a sleight. Shot to make sure your cards will additionally be sleights once you reload. This functions effortlessly with any sleights through a complete value > 9, against any adversary on the ground. Flying enemies and also low-valued sleights might take distinct consideration.

As because that Vexen specifics he's weak versus fire and strong against ice. The Demyx card makes you greatly immune to ice. If you desire to be really cheap, you might activate Demyx and just remain out the melee selection (some that his melee strikes do non-ice damage), waiting for Vexen to operation out of cards. As soon as he gets down to 2 cards he's usually powerless.

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You deserve to beat every ceo in the game w/o utilizing sleights however it calls for you to have a deck the high price / zero price cards. You must time your assaults to break their cards and be prepared to run to your 0 cards as soon as the foe readies their sleights. Preparing at least one cure and knowing once to dodge on specific abilities can assist you. But of course, by the moment you get those high cost cards, it would really be better to just use the sonic tongue sleight to finish them off quicker unless you desire to execute a restricted run.


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