my mother broke up v her boyfriend after he and i got into one argument. I think he's around to go crazy and I'm afraid because that our well being.

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My Mom(50/F) was date a man named Dave(51/M) for 6 years. Nobody in mine (extended) family has never really preferred Dave; he's a bit rude and also rough approximately the edges, however my Mom always said he had actually a good heart and it's just just how he was brought up and also it's just how he is. I thought her and also my family did too. Everyone put up v Dave's "quirks" since it made my mother happy.

People were glad to view my mother happy due to the fact that she was in a really abusive relationship once I to be a kid. She didn't date when mine Sister and I were growing up, so Dave to be the first person she had dated in a long time and also people to be supportive

I never really like Dave because of the unfriendly and also rude vibe he constantly gives off, but I constantly tired because i love my Mom. However something the did was the last straw because that me and also i couldn't just say "Oh that's Dave, let that go" any type of longer.

Setting the phase for the breakup:

My dog(Rosie) to be sick every last year. She had actually kidney failure and also my whole family was doing everything to law her. One day after church I come home and got the leash under to take it Rosie outside. She got super excited and every one of a suddenly stopped and also fell to the floor. She body started contorting in monster ways. She neck bent every the method back and she was shining in pain. I assumed she to be haivng a love attack. Quickly after it every began, the stopped and also she lie there motionless...then she peed everywhere. Ns was convinced I had just watched my ideal friend of 16 years die in front of my eyes.

Suddenly Rosie's head popped up and she tried to gain up but was unable. I realized she had actually just had actually a stroke, however I to be still traumatized. My Mom and also Dave came earlier from church not 5 minute after this happened. I told them what happened and my mom burst right into tears. Her and also I to be talking about it while searching for the emergency Vet's number and she stated something come Dave follow me the lines of, " What might it have actually been?"

Dave goes off, simply huffing, puffing, and also sighing, saying, "She 16 year old. What carry out you desire me come say? She's dying. It's simply a dog."

The Breakup

Now, that wasn't wrong, however he claimed it in the many Dave-like way possible. Remember just how I stated he's totally inconsiderate? "Just a dog" doesn't compute v our family. Dogs are part of the family and also whether friend agree through that or not...don't it is in disrespectful. Such a median thing come say while civilization are grieving. Ns snapped and said "Get the fuck out of below then". My mommy told the he should just leave and that's once he acquired offended since my mommy wouldn't rod up for him.

A pair months walk by and my Mom and also Dave are still together, however Dave has actually yet come apologize. I'm still in mine grieving procedure and I view Dave in ~ our house and it pisses me off. He;s acting favor nothing ever happened. One day I simply let loose and we obtain into a big shouting match. I would not forgive him since he refuse to apologize and also he would not apologize due to the fact that he refused to check out why he must at all. It ends with him leaving and also he and my mom breaking up.

I said previously that Dave is a bit rough around the edges earlier. Fine Dave additionally like to carry out a bit of drinking and he is a hunter and also a firm believer in the second amendment. I was terrified because that weeks that he was going to involved our house with a gun. The he to be going to hurt me or mine newly adopted dog. I was afraid that he would come while everybody to be at work and kill my dog come get back at me.

Eventually these fears subsided, until tonight. My mother told me she had been texting Dave and that he was angry. He wanted to send flower to the home for Christmas but my mom told him no to. She told him they were just friends now but he to be under the presumption that they would get earlier together. That proceeds to speak to my mommy a whore and a bitch. Brings up the he bought the brand-new roof on ours house. My mommy says she'll salary him ago for it (even despite it was a gift) and also he insults her financial status since she doesn't have actually a lot of money. Just all at once being a dick.

This renders me concerned again because what if the starts drinking and also decides come come over with a gun? What if the decides he wants to kill us all? He has depression, drinks his feelings away, and now he knows he and also my mom aren't getting back together. I don't know what he's qualified of.

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In his psychic it's all because of me and my stupid dog. I am 24 year old, 2 years the end of college, and I live earlier at home. I acquired a job surrounding and i just assist make monthly utility payments come my mom as my "rent". However the means Dave watch it, I'm regulating who my mom dates and it simply simply isn't the case-- he's just an asshole. Ns can aid but feeling for my safety, even though he hasn't made any indications that that is something he may do. I'm fear to leaving my dog alone while ns go the end or go to occupational in are afraid he may break in.

This isn't even my relationship, however it's do me are afraid for mine life. Ns feel favor he's crazy however so far there's no proof. That isn't likely that a breakup could cause him come commit murder, is it? Am ns being super paranoid? have I watched too many movies? What need to I carry out or what might my mother do to assist Dave relocate on?

tl;dr: my Mom damaged up v her friend after he and also I gained into an argument. In his eyes, it's my fault, even though my mother made the decision herself. He's a bipolar/depressed and I'm fear something like this might push him end the edge. Ns don't desire him come hurt me, mine Mom, mine Sister, or our dog. I obtain scared thinking around him snapping. What could my mom do to assist him move on?