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1 - My an initial step v all repairs is come disconnect the battery. I choose to tie my negative cable back, simply to make certain it go not call anything while i am flopping approximately under the hood.

2 - remove the serpentine belt. I used a breaker bar v a long pipe end the handle. It gave me many of leverage, and also it was straightforward as pie to push it with one hand, when pulling the belt off through the other.


3 - valuable TIP :thumbsup:to eliminate the alternator, I very first removed the bracket, and also then removed the two height alternator bolts. THEN, since I was working alone, I got a tie down strap I had laying around, and also wrapped it about the A/C hose that snakes in former of the bottom alternator bolt, and then fished the ends of the strap down through the left former wheel well. I pulled mine battery, and also used the to pull the strap just enough to keep the hose out of the way. Indigenous there, I can easily gain to the bottom bolt. Watch pics!!
4 - Disconnect the wires from the ago of the alternator, and also then slide it/maneuver it to either pull it out, or in my case, move it enough to gain access to the thermostat, which must now be totally visible.
5 - in ~ this point, it was easier for me to eliminate the thermostat when still linked to the hose. I gotten rid of the height bolt native above, and removed the bottom bolt through the wheelwell.
Be prepared for coolant come spill all over once you loosen and also remove the t-stat. From here, I discovered it simpler to revolve the hose so I might remove the clamp and the old t-stat. Here is the old one... Broad OPEN, simply as expected!!
Putting everything ago together was too not hard, but like anyone else, ns dropped the bottom bolt when putting the brand-new thermostat on. Ns finally identified I could wiggle my hand in there and also start the bolt through hand, then go with the wheel well again come tighten it.
Here is the new serp belt. Make certain you gain the appropriate one. I have actually an EXT, and this one go on easily.
And here is mine result! after ~ a coolant drain and also refill - No an ext SES light, and all the gauges watch good... Other than the fuel gauge! haha.
I execute hope this to be as useful to someone as the posts that motivated me to carry out this project MYSELF!! Now obtain out there and don"t come back without part scrapped knuckles! :tiphat
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Nice job,but i would adjust the censor (over height of stat) at the exact same time.It"s cheap and also you"ld hate to rip it every apart if the was /or component of the problem.
I tucked in old rags whereby a thermostat bolt might land. Saved me lots turn off time because I dropped a bolt at the very least six times.Also, following time I have to go back in there. Ns am going to twin clamp whereby the water tap slides ~ above the thermostat.Good idea top top tying back the battery cable. In which method mine wandered ago and to be making full contact once again. I believed pushing it way back was enough however nope. One could likewise probably simply throw a heavy fabric over it if you have actually nothing to tie it ago with.
This writup must be stickied. The is clearer and also easier to follow than the others on the site. Ns wish that would have been right here a month ago when I readjusted the Tstat on my Envoy. It take it me 6 hours and all of my cuts/scrapes/bruises have actually just freshly healed.
This writup need to be stickied. The is clearer and easier to follow 보다 the rather on the site. I wish that would have been here a month ago when I changed the Tstat on mine Envoy. It take it me 6 hrs and every one of my cuts/scrapes/bruises have actually just newly healed.

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:iagree: difficult please, amazing tips, terrific pictures, and extremely clear create up. Ns just readjusted my thermostat at the stealership today. Scary price, guys, contrasted to to buy my own thermostat. Didn"t want to handle the problem myself due to the fact that I have actually 4WD and I heard its a lot more tough to get the bottom bolt through the drive train in the way. However when it come time for another brand-new thermostat I will certainly definitely shot to execute it myself. :tiphat many thanks O.P.
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Thermostst replaceGood compose up.Basically the same procedure ns followed. Ns encountered a trouble with the center dash vents not working after i disconnected the battery. I had actually to change a cook actuator. Apparently pertained to the battery disconnect. I"m wondering if place the hvac controls in the off position and removing the hvac fuses before disconnecting the battery may have actually prevented the actuator problem. Any type of thoughts on the from any type of experts the end there?
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Good write up.Basically the exact same procedure i followed. Ns encountered a trouble with the facility dash vents not working after i disconnected the battery. I had actually to change a cooked actuator. Apparently related to the battery disconnect. I"m wondering if placing the hvac controls in the turn off position and also removing the hvac fuses prior to disconnecting the battery may have actually prevented the actuator problem. Any kind of thoughts on the from any experts out there?
Not an expert, yet I have a memory saver ns bought in ~ AutoZone, as I have actually heard countless stories the ac difficulties after a battery disconnect. The item pugs right into the odb and also has a cigarette typ strength plug. I have an old 12 v dc power supply that i clipped the wires on, put on spade clips, linked to a socket to power the device. If you had another car surrounding and an expansion you can plug it in to the other car, making certain the socket is powered.Great tips on the thermostat, I have the p0128 pending code. The temp watch normal. The temp has constantly been a little below (1 tic mark, perhaps 2) 210 in regular driving, and seems to be holding steady. I"ll keep an eye on the temps the next couple of trips. I thought if it was easy sufficient I would simply go ahead and replace it, yet now I want to be encouraged it is the problem. Many thanks again, I never would have discovered the thermostat alone.:tiphatI had 3 other B codes that stated History. Go that median the codes have cleared?