After reading my guide devoted to games of billiards free, you have determined to download 8 ball pool, one of the most famous online title of this genre. Eager to play, you determined to start a brand-new game without producing an account and for this factor you were immediately assigned one First name random, but now friend would choose to change. The problem is that all your attempts have actually not provided the desired result and you carry out not know just how to succeed in your attempt.

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If that"s the case, let me explain how come rename in 8 sphere Pool. In the complying with paragraphs, it will certainly be my pleasure to display you every the easily accessible solutions the will permit you not only to readjust the name the was automatically assigned come you at the start of the game, but likewise save your development and access 8 ball Pool from all your devices. Without having to start a new game from scratch.

In addition, in instance of problems, girlfriend will likewise find the important information come request assistance from the Miniclip staff, the website that occurred the game. Courage: do yourself comfortable, reserve five minutes to dedicate to reading the complying with lines and carefully monitor the accuse that i am around to give you. Ns wish you a good read and, most of all, lots of fun!

How to readjust the surname in 8 round Pool from mobile phones and tabletsHow to adjust the name in 8 round Pool from a PCIn situation of problems

Before we acquire to the heart of this tutorial and also explain ourselves how come rename in 8 ball Pool, that is crucial to do a essential premise about the type of account that have the right to be created in the renowned pool game occurred by Miniclip.

It will be valuable to know that all brand-new players have the capability to start a brand-new game as "guests", there is no registering. Players who choose this alternative can development in the video game like all other users however their progress is saved solely on the an equipment used, there is no the opportunity of synchronization on multiple devices. Additionally, football player who choose to play as "guests" are immediately assigned a username (eg. Guest1234a ) that cannot be changed.

Until recently, the was feasible to develop a personal account called Miniclip ID allowing, throughout registration, to choose a distinctive custom name. Unfortunately, however, together of beforehand 2020, it is no longer possible to create such one account and also the only solution left to customize the name provided in the game is to connect the game to an account the Google (only on tools Android) or your own. Counting of Facebook.

By act so, that is not only possible to adjust the name that was immediately assigned by Miniclip come that linked with one of the accounts shown above, yet it is also feasible to synchronize the video game progress top top multiple devices and, in situation of problems, easily recover it. Your game. Having actually cleared this up, let"s see exactly how to proceed.

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How to readjust the surname in 8 ball Pool indigenous mobile phones and also tablets

As stated in the previous lines, whatever you have to do come rename in 8 round Pool indigenous mobile phones and also tablets is to begin the game application come Android gadgets o iphone phone / iPad and link the current game to one of the accounts supported by 8 round Pool.

To execute this, take her device, begin the application of the renowned billiards game and also wait because that your video game to load. Now, click on the icon gear wheel, in the reduced left, locate the option Connect come facebook and tap the corresponding button Colleague.

Then click on the alternative Opens, to open the on facebook application and touch the button Follow, to connect 8 sphere Pool to your facebook account and, automatically, replace the name of your video game with the one you use on the famed social network.

Alternatively, if you space using a Android device, friend can also connect 8 ball Pool to Sets Google Play and use the name connected with her Google account. In that case, click the symbol gear wheel, to access the configurations 8 sphere Pool and also tap the button Colleague related to the write-up Connect to Google Play.

On the display choose an account, then select the Google account want to affix to 8 sphere Pool (or choose the Add one more account, to use an account various other than those clearly shows on the screen) and also wait for the connection to complete. If everything has unable to do well, in a few moments you will see, in the top left, the name and also photo connected with the preferred Google account.

Please keep in mind that regardless of the type of account you have actually chosen come associate v 8 round Pool, friend can change the image connected with the account by choosing one of the avatars available in the game. However, please note that to adjust your avatar you must use 8 round Pool VIP points, which can win for cost-free by to win games and progressing v the game or by purchasing them from the 8 sphere Pool save (starting at € 2,29 because that 20.000 VIP Points).

With the said, to adjust the image associated with her account, insanity on your photo, in ~ the height left, insanity the pencil, select the Avatar friend prefer amongst those available, purchase it, and press the switch United States, to finish it version from her profile picture.

How to change the surname in 8 round Pool indigenous a PC

As friend know, the is also feasible to pat 8 ball Pool by Pc, both on Facebook and on the official Miniclip website. In the an initial case, the name used in the game is the same one linked with her account in the well known social network: by changing the last (which you can do once every 60 days), the name the is shown in 8 round Pool also it will update automatically. In this regard, my overview on exactly how to readjust your surname on Facebook might be helpful.

If, top top the contrary, your intention is to start a brand-new 8 sphere Pool game from the main Miniclip website, it will certainly be helpful to recognize that the is feasible to play individual gamings without one account or to attach your facebook account, personalizing the name the is shown in the game immediately. .

In the last case, associated to the main Miniclip website, wait because that the video game to load and click the button Login v Miniclip ID. In the new screen that appears, select the alternative Iniciar sesión using Facebook, Click the switch Continue together and that is.

In instance of problems

If you adhered to the instructions I provided you in the paragraphs above, girlfriend should have been able to link 8 sphere Pool to among the obtainable accounts and readjust the name shown in the video game accordingly. If the is not due to the fact that you have actually encountered difficulties that are preventing you indigenous connecting, i recommend that you call the Miniclip staff and also ask because that help.

To do this, affix to the Miniclip assistance site, click the option Submit a request in ~ the top right and also select the option 8 ball pool through the drop-down menu visible ~ above the screen, to suggest the game for i m sorry you space requesting assistance.

At this point, enter your email deal with in the ar Your E-Mail and also specify the distinct ID associated with her 8 round Pool account in the ar What is your unique player / ID?. If you don"t understand the password in question, start the 8 round Pool application, push yours First name, top left, and notification the code visible listed below the header Unique identification, height right.

After that choose the choices Related my account es I want to regulate my account details v drop-down menus Select a trouble you have es What sort of trouble do you have actually with your account? and specify the problem found, selecting the option of your interest in between Link my facebook or Google account (for problems connecting come your on facebook or Google account) e My avatar / Yo-Me / Nickname related question (for help concerning your username at 8 ball Pool).

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Finally, clues the topic of your request in the field Subject ; describe the difficulty found in the field Description, and press the switch send, to send the message. In a couple of days, friend will obtain a solution from the Miniclip employee at the email address listed above.

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