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You have questions, we have answers. This are few of the most typically asked questions about the new season that Madden NFL Mobile. If you don’t discover your price here, check us the end on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or tweet support questions to AskEA Support.

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Q: wherein IS my TEAM? WHERE space MY COINS?

Answer: your old team has actually been put in the Trophy Room and is easily accessible for tradition Team live events. The new season that Madden NFL Mobile place everyone ago on a level playing field to compete for glory in the new season!

Continuing together your own NFL GM, you entering a fresh brand-new season similar to in genuine life. In this new season, you’re walk to start building your brand-new Madden NFL mobile squad. Your staying Madden Cash balance remains, however Coins, Items, Head to Head rank, periods completed, Level and achievements have to be reset in order to produce a level playing field for this season.

In June, her team was provided a Season Score (a portion from 0-100) based on the development you do in the previous season. This Season Score earned friend reward package to provide you a head start this season versus your competition who didn’t do as well as you last season! come learn much more about Season Score and also the Season Reset, inspect out this blog.


Q: WHY walk THE video game LOOK DIFFERENT? WHAT’S brand-new THIS SEASON?

Answer: it’s a new NFL season and with each brand-new season brings brand-new opportunity to overview your team come the championship! A brand brand-new look and also feel that the game, Sets, and an ext brings a fresh brand-new experience because that you to gain this season.

Check the end the brand-new navigation bar that pops out from the left leaf of the display to acquire to any component of the game. Lots of additional updates have been made as well, learn much more about the brand-new features here.


Answer: enhancements are constantly gift made come improve game stability. This season, the servers have actually been upgraded and also this will substantially reduce the variety of timeouts our players experience. If you still suffering timeouts, please contact us here.


Answer: brand-new updates room designed to deal with exploits and glitches, including turnovers in Head-to-Head play. Because that example, players deserve to no much longer replay the down whenever a journey ends (for any kind of reason) and also force-close the application before the pat is whistled dead. Now, the pat will end properly and also the drive will certainly be correctly switched to the opponent’s turn.



Answer: players now have a border of 1,200 for exactly how many complete Items (including Players and Collectibles) the they have the right to own in ~ one time. This roster limit contains Items on the user’s bench, on your lineups, or in auctions.

When a player it s okay close to the limit v a acquisition or reward, warning popups inform them the the current situation and how to deal with the problem.

This readjust was made in order to speed up the power of the game and create a smoother experience for every Madden NFL mobile players.


Answer: buying Coins is against the rules, and also cheaters can and do gain banned every day.

Q: mine ACCOUNT IS LOCKED; WHAT have the right to I DO?

Answer: every account concerns must be handled by customer service. Call us here.


Q: WHAT IS MY tradition TEAM?

Answer: her last beginning lineup of the vault season has actually been memorialized in her Trophy Room. Come learn more about your tradition Team, examine out this blog.


Answer: There are a huge number of world using Live Auctions at any kind of time, i m sorry makes handling time for transactions variable. Which method that periodically your Coins will be returned immediately, however sometimes it have the right to take longer, if did you do it been wait for 24 hours or more, please call us immediately.

Q: WHERE execute I gain MY COINS earlier IF ns DON’T success AN AUCTION?

Answer: They have to be waiting for friend in a post in her Inbox.

Q: exactly how DO I obtain THE navigation BAR to SLIDE the end FROM THE LEFT?

Answer: There space three different methods:

1. Touch the three-bar icon, additionally known as “the hamburger,” located in top left hand edge of the screen.

2. Drag your finger native left to ideal on the screen.

3. Madness the slide tab top top the left next of the screen.


Answer: If you’re using a guest account (if you’re not signed right into Facebook) then yes, your Season Score will certainly count.

Q: WHAT around THE elite PLAYERS because that 100% SEASON SCORE?

Answer: If you have actually 100% Season Score, you’ll get two upstream Player Items. They’re not the exact same two players for all users.

Q: execute I have to LOCK IN MY legacy TEAM?

Answer: You collection your heritage Team in the Lineup food selection of Madden NFL Mobile. However, if you never ever went set your heritage Lineup, it will certainly default to her last starting lineup.

Q: DO organization RECORDS and also LEADERBOARDS RESET?

Answer: organization Records were reset with the new Season.

Q: WHAT info DO YOU require TO access YOUR legacy TEAM and REWARDS?

Answer: you don’t have to supply any kind of extra info such together user i would or facebook login. Your tradition Team is immediately imported into your Trophy Room and also ready for use in the new season.

Q: will certainly THE LEGEND players IN MY tradition TEAM be REPLACED?

Answer: Good news! Legends are not being replaced on your heritage Team!

Q: will certainly XP and COIN increases ON MY heritage TEAMS bring OVER?

Answer: No. No one of the boosts on your player items will carry over to your tradition Team.

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Q: WILL league MEMBERS still BE together AFTER THE RESET?

Answer: Yes, but league rankings and records have actually been reset.

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