Meet the Customizer‘s sister, the Colorizer! prefer “sisters”, castle both offer a similar purpose – spicing up her snucongo.orgcan character! comparable to the Customizer, this brand-new wowing emergence from the Creators (Dr. Hare this time) reflects something dubbed the “Colorizer”, wherein you will soon be able to edit your character’s colors!


Blog article Title: The ColorizerDescription: The Colorizer will certainly make coloring your character a breeze… anywhere, any type of color.Image URL: Name: colorizer.png

With this cool upcoming feature, us won’t have to use cheat codes or travel to faraway islands simply to readjust our character’s colors! This sneak peek mirrors that we are able to shade hair and also skin v a never-before-seen shade of green and some various other cool color tones to pick from. Possibly someday they’ll even let us readjust the color of our outfits! speak of outfits… the example character is wearing a yes, really cool Robin Hood-like costume, finish with bow and also arrows! ns hope we’ll be able to Customize this on Astro-Knights Island, especially since it looks therefore medieval-themed!

Oh, and if girlfriend look carefully at the lift (which shows key Street ~ above 24 Carrot Island), you’ll an alert a star symbol next to the Inventory, and also the Games switch is gone! many think that the star switch could either be the Colorizer or the snucongo.orgca Credits thing from the article below, because the credits sneak peek additionally shows the star button there.

There’s also a new poll on the PCB: Which are you most excited for? This time over there are just two choices – ‘The snucongo.orgca Store’ and also ‘Astro-Knights Island’.

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AK Island is by far winning this one, v 77% of all votes at the moment of my posting this. Therefore, the snucongo.orgca Store has 22% of every votes.

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