So...I killed the woman at her wedding in Markarth (I apologize, i can't remember she name). Ns ran out of there and killed nobody else. I have actually a new job v the guild trying to steal 500G precious of items native the city, however when ns go there, the safety are anywhere my shit for part nonsense "murder" charge. Pfft.

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Anyway...the bribing didn't work, and I heard jail time gets rid of skill leveling for a particular skill, in addition to removing all her items. Is there any method for me to somehow get rid of this bounty? Last i was over there I claimed I'd rather die 보다 go to jail, so mine bounty is for sure insane now considering ns must have actually killed a dozen guards who adhered to me into the Warrens.

Any suggestions?

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Store her stuff someplace safe

Go to jail

Serve her sentence

Now the security don't desire to death you!

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Op · 8y

This is what I'll do. I'm walking to just leave mine shit in the Breezehome and also then just go ago after I'm done v my sentence. Hope my skills don't suffer much.

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There's no means to remove a bounty other than either paying it or doing your time in jail.

Anyway...the bribing didn't work, and I heard prison time gets rid of skill leveling for a particular skill, in addition to removing all your items.

Going come jail clears current development towards your following level in a ability (i.e. It removes the white bar showing progress towards following skill in the "skills" screen). Depending on how long you invest in prison this can happen for simply one ability or a bunch ns think.

You don't shed all her items, simply all her stolen items. You gain your very own items ago when you gain out of jail.

Depending on where you walk to jail, you can just escape without losing experience. Girlfriend can acquire your very own items back from the sinner belongings chest and your steal items back from the proof chest. However, ns don't think this will clear her bounty in that hold (it might add to it).

However, Markarth has actually a unique situation with the prison. It's straightforward to escape from that if girlfriend haven't done the Escape from Cidhna Mine search yet -- simply do the quest. If friend have currently done that pursuit then it may be difficult to an outbreak of Markarth's prison. That search will clear her bounty, ns believe, yet usually escaping from jail doesn't perform that.

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Easiest way to resolve this is come drop off your stolen item somewhere, rotate yourself in, and pay the bounty. Girlfriend won't lose any type of items or any type of experience, simply the money for her bounty.