Guinea pig’s nails thrive continuously, as with humans. Your toenails document down naturally in the wild, however they don’t gain the exact same opportunity when domesticated. For this reason, guinea pigs require regular nail cut to conserve them from the pain and also discomfort overgrown and also curled pond cause.

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But together you know, this pets regularly get a bit squirmy at any time they have their nails cut, and also it would certainly be ideal to learn how to treat their nails to do the experience as painless and smooth together possible.


How frequently Should You reduced Your Guinea Pig’s Nails?

One certain thing is the these pet require continual trimming, only that the frequency varies amongst the animals. It would certainly be ideal to reduced the nails when a month in ~ a minimum or every two weeks. Clipping your piggy’s nails more often will assist develop a routine and stop the “quick” or blood supply at the nail’s center from farming closer come the tip.

If the reminder grows, the nails have tendency to curl into their footpads, making them incredibly challenging. Overgrown and also twisted nail tips can reason open wounds top top the feet and damage your pet’s skin. The infected footpad can build pododermatitis (bumblefoot) or inflammation the progresses come osteoarthritis or osteomyelitis (conditions through a poor prognosis).

What’s the “Quick” the the nail in Guinea Pigs?

If you space a piggy parent, friend understand just how the thought of a “quick” during nail-clipping can make girlfriend nervous. The fast is a fragile red blood vessel the runs through the nail and can make your pet bleed the end if you accidentally clip it.

You deserve to avoid such accidents by frequently trimming due to the fact that the more you trim, the faster the “quick” shrinks back, making succeeding cutting sessions easier and less stressful. And if your pig has a black nail, it’d be challenging to locate the “quick” once cutting the nails.

However, if friend shine a USB irradiate or a torch with the nail, and also you’ll view the blood vessel an ext clearly. Remember, it would certainly be ideal only come clip the nail’s reminder if you are in doubt.

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Best Clippers because that Cutting Guinea Pig Nails

There room two types of nail clippers you deserve to use:

1. Tiny Animal pond Clipper

You can use clippers especially made for clipping your piggy’s nails. This clippers usually have a rounded groove in the blades that can hold the nail and give that a refined, clean complete after cutting.

Examples of little animal pond clippers you can use encompass Kaytee little Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer, Babyliss pro Pet pond Clipper, and also Hertzko Angled Blade.


2. Human Nail Clipper

If the pet-designated clipper does not have enough gap to accommodate her pet’s nails, you can opt because that a human being clipper through an extra gap. However, these clippers may flatten the nails, so be sure to trim away the overfill nail when using them.

You may find that young piggies have actually much softer and delicate nails 보다 older guinea pigs because the pond harden and also thicken v age. Similarly, nails on the hind limbs tend to it is in thicker than the former ones. You have the right to use human being toenail clippers for thicker nails.

Examples of person nail clippers you deserve to use include HAWATOUR nail Clippers, FIXBODY pond Clippers, and QOOQI nail Clippers.

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Safest & Easiest means to cut Guinea Pig Nails

There are several approaches for cutting your piggy’s nails. Here’s one of the methods to execute it.