go come the reblog page for the article you want to delete the comment off of and also click the html button


you want to delete both the attach to the blog and the comment, therefore you need to delete the and also have to be deleted together well)




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You’ve been kidnapped however the key character that the critical TV show you watched is comes to rescue you.




Good task Voyager 1!


ns love the victorian era aesthetic.. .shitty ass candles and also dirty streets, tweeds, carriages, ghost stories, the extensive existential panic because of newly uncovered dinosaur bones and the theory of evolution

Yeah! she also makes hot chocolate! ns hope friend don't intend these to it is in funny cause 99.9% of the moment they aren't
mercutio: i have the right to see what's continue benvolio: what? mercutio: and also they don't have actually a clue! benvolio: avoid mercutio: they'll autumn in love and also here's the bottom heat -- our trio's down to 2 benvolio: world are dying
it s okay ART history TIME Those babies are small men since that is Jesus who was(is?) the most depicted man in the world and also since their room no photos of that they did what theyve been doing for centuries made him a man but smaller they can paint babies however he was an ext important than a normal baby They want him to have actually all the attributes of guy wisdom that comes with age means he'll be balding however at the very same time they want him to have actually all the toughness of a young man so the muscles it all relies on the context of the painting so yeah smart and also bald infant jesus blonde and buff baby jesus
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OKso it’s unlikely there room going come be any posts for a littlewhile.

Thetruth is that after (fuck) nearly five year of running this blog Ireally really require a break. Sure I’ve taken time off before, butit’s usually been forsomething. Relocating house, flying to a various country, going onshift work, and also so forth.

Overthe past few weeks looking earlier it’s been… sort of tremendous tosee how consistently I’ve preserved this running despite everythingthat’s been going ~ above in the elevator of my life. Ns haven’treally talked about it much on here but some highlights have includedlosing mine job, moving house, substantial ups and downs in my mentalhealth, gift attacked and also a stabbing victim turning up ~ above mydoorstep at gods-know-what-time in the morning.

(Huh,the police still have my towels.)

Ohand there’s been 2 years that a global pandemic while functioning inmedical testing. That’s been an amazing mess of high pressureand suddenly changes.

Thepoint is it’s to be a lot. And I’m trying not to feel negative aboutnot keeping up posting at the rate I supplied to or taking part time out.

Thisisn’t an excellent bye. This project way a lot come me and it isn’t‘finished’ to my satisfaction yet.

ButI to be taking some time out for the moment and also I imagine things aregoing come be much slower because that the next couple of months. I’m additionally stoppingupdates ~ above the wordpress ago up site for now. It never seemed tohave much of a following and also keeping it up to date was a large sourceof stress.

Sothat’s wherein I’m at appropriate now. I’m gonna execute some gardening andsome bakingand beat a many of computer games and also I’ll be earlier when I’veunwound a bit. :)

blog stuff I just need part time come recharge. The last two years have been a lot of

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