Our Trampoline and Tumbling classes room for students who would like to emphasis their initiatives on the floor exercise, trampoline, and also tumble track activities. These classes are useful children who want to learn just how to execute flips because that the first time with to the cheerleaders who want to gain a ago handspring or a ago tuck for your cheer squad.

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We sell two levels of tumbling in stimulate to many accurately teach the progressions that tumbling. The classes consist of time finding out standing and running tumbling on our brand new spring floor, continually tumbling on the Tumble Track, and air awareness and also flip time on ours in-ground trampoline.

Whether your son is interested in learning flips for extreme sports, cheerleading, or just due to the fact that he or she spends many of their cost-free time upside down, our tumbling classes are the perfect location to start and/or understand these tumbling activities.

Classes room $80 every 4 week term click right here to check out the ax schedule

Trampoline & Tumbling 1st - 4th Grade

Our intermediary level that Tumbling is because that students with little or no suffer in tumbling and/or gymnastics. We emphasis on to teach the basic skills the tumbling in order to collection a fundamentally strong base for future tumbling.

With every class, our students will work-related on to run tumbling, standing tumbling, and also Tumble track or in floor trampoline. In addition we invest time on developing the strength essential to master tumbling at an intermediary level through tumbling details conditioning.

Skills Acquired:

Our student will get the following an abilities as they progression through this class:


Forward and also backward role complexes

Round off

Fundamental jumps

Back Bend

Standing earlier Handspring

Class Times:

Wednesdays: 4:30pm

Saturday: 11:00 am

Trampoline & Tumbling sixth Grade and up

Our breakthrough level of Tumbling is for students with endure in tumbling and/or gymnastics. These classes emphasis on teaching the an ext advanced an abilities of tumbling through the goal that after completion of our progressed tumbling class students are able come perform an abilities like multiple ago handsprings and ago flips.

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With every class, ours students will job-related on running tumbling, stand tumbling, and Tumble track or in soil trampoline. In addition we invest time on emerging the strength essential to understand tumbling in ~ an development level v tumbling particular conditioning.

Skills Acquired:

Our students will acquire the following skills as they progress through this class: