I've simply started really obtaining into Oblivion after 2 years of playing Skyrim and also a pair of points that I'm still not sure just how to job-related them is the Enchanting and also Spell make alters, also after analysis up on castle on UESP.

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I realise currently that enchanting is a great bit different from how it functions in Skyrim however what what about how you 'learn' enchantments and apply them is what I'm not sure. Is enchanting an item dependant on your skill levels and, also though friend might currently have an item with, to speak Frost damage, that you picked up earlier, why wouldn't the enchantment show up top top the accessible list or carry out you tho disenchant items?

For spell making is this pretty much the very same as enchanting, I've noticed that it can price gold to make spells?



You require to learn the effect you want to usage for enchanting or spellmaking and be may be to usage it at least in one spell for being available

Abilities and powers count as spells.

Example: you require 25 modification to use a feather spell because that being used in spellmaking and also enchanting

There is no disenchanting. Like /u/mryonux said, you need to recognize the order if you desire to enchant other or do another similar spell. Like if you desire fire damage on her sword, you require to know some kind of a fire damages spell.

Just be mindful with the charges, it suck to have couple of charges top top weapons. The symbol watch kinda like a candle as soon as you room configuring the order on the enchanting table. I favor to have around 100 charges, and always throw on a 1 sec spirit trap with the key enchant (on weapons).

Enchanting: If friend want, for example, frost damage, climate you need to recognize a frost damages spell or capability that you space able come cast. You don't need to and can't disenchant anything. From there, it's a lot choose skyrim whereby the soul gem identify the variety of charges, and also you can collection the strength. With weapons, friend can set multiple enchantments. Through clothes/armor, girlfriend will just ever have the ability to have one. Girlfriend can also find Sigil Stones native oblivion gates, which provide a specific enchantment. At high levels these are usually stronger what you enchant yourself, however you won't be able to have multiple charm on one weapon with these.

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Spell making also requires you come know and be may be to cast a spell prior to you can add it come the practice spell. Girlfriend can include as numerous effects as you like, and the effect that prices the most magicka identify what type it is (destruction, alteration, etc.). If her level in that school of magic isn't high sufficient you can't create the spell. The gold cost is based on the included strength of every the effects.