In the Madden 19, return kicks and punts can be a an important skill to aid your violation obtain great field position. In part cases, a return specialist might even find open room to take it off and also take it to the finish zone for a score. There’s to be a lot of recent changes in the NFL as much as return go, however it’s still possible to master the kick and also punt video game in Madden. Here’s our Madden 19 absent return overview with tips for just how to return those punts and kicks top top the field.

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Madden 19 kick & punting Return new Rules

In the past, players could get a quite running begin on the field to return a kick. That’s not the situation with the brand-new NFL rules together players need to wait roughly the 34-yard heat to capture the ball. From there, it’s either call a fair catch or take turn off running.

In addition, the player with the return has no football player blocking because that them because that the very first 15 yards. That provides things trickier due to the fact that the game has that all included. A great tip is to have a decent blocker in the second return spot to make sure your return man isn’t taken under fast.

Madden 19 kick & punt Return controls

Before the absent or punt: You’ll require to select “Return Middle,” “Return Left,” or “Return Right” ahead of the kickoff or punt. “Return Middle” is the optimal choice. As checked out below, each of these options has a different controller button. If that doesn’t present up as an choice press Square twice on PS4 or X twice on Xbox One to audible together the absent is happening.


To run with the ball: Wait for her player to catch the ball, or if that is kicked come a point out on the field, usage the directional rod on your controller to get to the ball. The directional rod are additionally used to relocate your player forward under the field.

To sprint with the ball: organize R2 on the PS4 if moving. Hold RT ~ above the Xbox One controller, or L-Shift ~ above a PC key-board (unless you’re making use of a controller).

To signal for a same catch: host the triangle switch down on your PS4 controller till the receiver waves his eight or kneels the round down. ~ above the Xbox One controller hold the Y switch for the exact same result. Usage this in instances whereby you space in the endzone catching the ball. Additionally use the if the defense seems to it is in closing in fast. This is advantageous if you like to begin at the 20-yard line rather of farther back.

Madden 19 Kickoff & punting Return Tips

Consider feather over your roster to discover the optimal player in terms of speed for returning kicks. That will be your finest bet for acquiring a heavy return. In addition, store that tip in mind about putting a an excellent blocker in the second return spot to help out.

Returning a kick entails a similar control as running the sphere with the sprint and directional sticks. A basic tip is to always run in directly lines as your player’s rate decreases through the side-to-side readjust in directions. For this reason swerving too much on a return can decrease your speed and overall yards gained.


Using all the special moves you might use on running plays doesn’t apply as lot when returning a absent or punt. Those will only come into play if you control to make use of a hole in the unique teams’ defense.

If the happens you may come right into a instance with a player you’re trying come beat. Use the one-of-a-kind rushing moves there. Hit R2 or RT depending upon your controller to sprint when there’s a feet and shot to make it to the endzone.

For those who desire to try out a technique for bigger return or touchdowns, examine out this video clip tip below.

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