Since Mewtwo’s an initial debut in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, we haven’t checked out this elusive and an effective Pokemon show up in other games, exterior of the FireRed and LeafGreen remakes, till Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

In enhancement to the 2 legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yveltal, the players can catch in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Mewtwo is among the legend Pokemon that everyone can capture in the game, and also with the best Mega Stone, players can attain its Mega Evolution form in battle. Just like in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, catching Mewtwo is not an easy task (unless you have actually a understand Ball in hand).

Well, if you have the patience and the best PokeBall to record it, here’s whereby to catch Mewtwo:


Catching Mewtwo

1. After beating the elite Four and becoming the Pokemon Champion, walk to the Pokemon village and you will find that the man blocking the cavern near the top left edge is no much longer there.2. Go inside the cave and you will uncover Mewtwo with its back versus the door.3. SAVE ideal NOW!4. Talk to Mewtwo and you will gain a cutscene.5. Be prepared to fight it!


Moves:-Recover-Barrier-Aura Sphere-Psychic


Your single worst adversary in this fight is going to be the move Recover. Mewtwo will constantly usage it and also erase the wellness you whittle away. Ultimately he will certainly run out of PP if friend last long enough, however it is rather an annoyance. Try to use something prefer Thunder Wave beforehand in the fight to obtain Mewtwo paralyzed, so there is a opportunity he will not it is in able to assault on some turns. A move like False Swipe is probably not precious trying right here with Mewtwo recovering as regularly as that is. You may additionally want to prevent using toxicity or Fighting species as Mewtwo will damage them very easily.

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Due to gift in a cave, her go-to punctured Ball have to be the Dusk ball as it will offer you a 3.5x multiplier.

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Together you obtain deeper in the battle, girlfriend should shot and use Timer Balls together it is based on how plenty of turns you have been going for a max that 4x multiplier. This is the sphere that eventually recorded Mewtwo because that me.

As soon as you record Mewtwo, girlfriend will receive a Mewtwonite Item escape what variation of video game you have.