Grab an adult or a child over 14.In the workshop room there room tools. Drop your adult or child over 14 on top of the tools/toolbox till it states “Fixing sink/toilet/shower”. As soon as your adult or child over 14 is finished, castle will continue to their normal activities:)

How execute you solve elated top top Virtual families 2?

Yummy candy, career promotions, marriage and new children (if they wanted kids) will help make castle Elated. A little bit blue: once a character has actually this status, they might need a tad much more attention. It is generally easy to acquire them happier just by praising castle or providing them candy.

How to deal with a clogged shower head in virtual households 2?

Us the tools on the device bench…it functioned for me. Traction the person to the workshop top top the lengthy thing come the left side. It worked for me. On the main facility table. Traction an adult come the workroom and also they will pick up a tool. It will then say solving the shower as the activity and no much more clogged shower!

How to deal with a toilet leak in virtual families?

Drop her adult or son over 14 on height of the tools/toolbox until it states “Fixing sink/toilet/shower”. They will certainly walk come the toilet (wherever the leak is) grab an adult or child over 14.

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Walk to the workshop and also look because that the fire extinguishers (they are uncovered under the small table at the height left corner).

How execute you resolve a shower in Minecraft?

You have the right to do 2 things: 1.Go come the workshop and also click on the tools until it says “fixing the shower”. 2.Either wait because that a pair of job or leave the game and wait because that 5-10 minutes and also it’s gone! Hope ns helped!