Migration *must* it is in underway – ns say that since in the last two days, I’ve had two bird fly into our garage and get confused, unable to paris out. I think our “regulars” currently know the put of the land around our house pretty well however as moving birds come through, all points are new and they can acquire into this dangerous situations.

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So, I thought I’d share this story in instance it happens to you (and a hapless bird, simply trying to obtain to points South).

The first was a Ruby-throated hummingbird. That was early on evening ~ above Friday and my husband, Gil came in and said come me – “We have a wildlife emergency in the garage.”

My heart sank and also a thousand disastrous images flashed with my head. Luckily, Gil had actually spotted this situation prior to it was as well late.

This hummingbird to be flying in circles approximately the light in the garage.

This sight brought home (so come speak) the concern that the American Bird Conservancy is functioning on v their Collisions Campaign. Bird are drawn to the irradiate at night, circle them endlessly until they autumn to the ground, and die the exhaustion.

Now, the light in our garage is no tower beacon however it seemed to administer the same suggest of confusion for this tiny bird.

So what to do? Nets and brooms? Nope – use the these can pains the bird. Turn turn off the irradiate in the garage and also keep the garage door open.

I did that and also the hummer was still a bit perplexed and clearly tired. Luckily that was almost dusk for this reason it might see the daylight outside. Nonetheless, it did loss to the soil exhausted. I built up it in my hands and also took it end to my hummingbird feeder. It rested because that a moment and also then flew to a nearby branch. Before it got dark, I saw it speed over come the feeder and also have a nice power drink. All was good.

Then on Saturday Bird #2 entered the garage.


Prairie Warbler

Gil again to be the spotter. In this case, it was a Prairie Warbler.

Both garage doors to be open and no lights to be on but it just couldn’t get the courage to fly down and out. It, prefer the hummer, kept flying up to the ceiling and also staying high.

The bird was distressed. Ns was distressed. However calm prevailed…..

I do the garage as dark together possible, closing one of the doors and also pulling down all the home window shades. I likewise put a key of water and also mealworms top top the ground close to the door in situation that would attract it to paris down.

I likewise called the Wildlife Rescue organization Hotline (703-440-0800) in situation they had any type of other tips on how to aid this bird. Castle concurred: Make the garage as dark as feasible with the just light coming from the departure — bird fly to the light.

Second step — leaving the bird alone. This, the course, is hard since you worry and want to see the bird paris out. But I did – i went back to feeding the monarch caterpillars that I’m raising.

Now, i should additionally mention that, if the bird had fallen with exhaustion, i was prepared to call the rehabber back and also get additional guidance. Luckily though, about 30 minute later, i went earlier and checked the garage and also it had flown out.

Phew! i was so relieved – and motivated to tell girlfriend this story.

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Over coming weeks, I’ll be keeping the garage doors shut an ext and once they space open, I’ll be certain to keep a crawl eye for any confused birds. Give thanks to goodness Gil spotted this two. We wish them well on their great journey south.