Virtual household 3 is a casual family members simulation video game where players embrace a boy to advanced him/her to be a much better person (depends on your choices), assist them make an excellent choices and also decisions in life, aid them with their career, and also encourage castle to apply for jobs or other such things.

Being a life simulation game, Virtual household 3 offers almost every trivial to significant real-life occasion in the kind of a virtual game simulation. It’s an addictive game, and also there’s lots to do.

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In Virtual family 3, there are ants that have the right to terrorize your kitchen if maintained unchecked. Many brand-new and also old players have trouble dealing with ants in the game. So, come make her life easier, we’ve all set a handy overview explaining the necessary steps compelled to remove ants in Virtual family members 3.

Virtual family 3 – just how to get rid of ants

Virtual household 3 – Kitchen


In the kitchen, examine if the ants are moving down a path. In the kitchen, close to the sink, make sure there is a brown cinnamon jar. Near the Trash and Recycle bins, make sure there space orange peels.

With these three things in check, we have the right to move forward with our guide:

Step 1) open up Virtual family members 3 ~ above your desired device.

Step 2) take an adult (or anyone with age >14) close to the sink, alongside the brown cinnamon jar. They will take the jar to the workshop to do a spray to kill the ants.

Note: Make sure this procedure is not interrupted by any kind of means, or you will shed your possibility to make a spray.

Step 3) after the chosen human being is excellent preparing the cinnamon, traction them close to the orange peels.

Step 4) currently the human (chosen through you) will finish the spray required to kill the ants.

Virtual household 3 is a casual real-life simulation game currently accessible on Android and iOS platforms.

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Amazing, i just eliminated the ants in Virtual households 3, so simple, take it an adult come the phone and also it comes up with the option to ring one of a couple of professionals, press call the exterminator it’s really cheap, once you have done that he will certainly come in and also spray anywhere the kitchen and also the ants disappear, if just I knew this mainly ago, good luck and also have funny on the game.

Is over there any means to eliminate the ants without having to pay because that an exterminator? i can’t discover anywhere come buy the cinnamon jar indigenous previous versions.