After a lengthy walk in the wilderness, youfinally arrive in civilization. This is Cerulean City, home of the second Gym. Heal her Pokemon and also stock top top items. You won"t it is in battling in the Gym first. Her rival, Gary, is waiting patiently for you. Let"s notmake him wait as well long!

The fight With Gary

Go north from Cerulean City in the direction of Nugget Bridge,on route 24. Gary will come and also greet you, and also will challenge you come a battle. He has actually the complying with Pokemon: lv. 17 Pidgeotto, lv. 15 Rattata, lv. 15 Abra, and lv. 18 the hisstarter Pokemon. This should be a much more challenging match 보다 the critical one. A Pikachu (can be recorded inViridian Forest) would aid out a lot if you chose Charmander as your starter. This is because both Pidgeotto and Squirtle, the toughest Pokemon on Gary"s team, room weak come Pikachu"s attacks.

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After one real hard battle, Gary will give you a vital Item well-known as the call Checker. This is supplied to recognize trainers whom you"ve previouslybattled. Go back to city now and heal your Pokemon, and also continue travel on the Nugget Bridge.

Route 24

There are six trainers ~ above Nugget bridge that you need to fight to obtain past. The sixth trainer is actually a member a Team Rocket. Beat him, and he"ll offer you a Nugget the you can sell because that $5,000. In ~ the finish of theroute, you"ll find TM45 - Attract. The fun on this course hasn"t ended, although friend can choose to go on tothe next route. If you do feel favor battling, however, then an obstacle the trainer in the grass area. After that,go top top to course 25.

Locations (Route 24)

Route 25

There are loads of trainers waiting to battle you on route 25.Behind one of those trainers you will discover TM43 - secret Power. But that isn"t the main reason you"ve come top top this route. You want to meeta scientist called Bill. Walk all the method to the finish of $0,and you"ll come at a house called Sea Cottage.Go inside, and also you"ll view a Clefairy. It transforms out the something go wrong through Bill"s experiment, and also the Clefairy isactually him. Talk to him, and he"ll go within his machine. Press "A" versus his computer, and also he"ll it is in transportedto the other finish of the machine. Finally, he"ll come out together Bill, a human being scientist. Talk to that again, and he"llgive friend a S.S. Ticket because that the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City.Now the that"s taken treatment of, it"s time come go earlier to Cerulean City and challenge the gym leader!

Locations (Route 25)

Water War

Cerulean City is the city the water. Naturally, Water Pokemon room what the trainers in the Gym use. There are two trainers you must battle before battling thegym leader, Misty.

Misty supplies a lv. 18 Staryu and also a lv. 21 Starmie on you. A Charmeleon under lv. 25 without any assistance would certainly most certainly lose now.Of course, it"s a totally different story v a Ivysaur. After ~ beating Misty, she"ll give you TM03 - Water Pulse andthe Cascade Badge.

Now you deserve to leave Cerulean City by going come the residence with a policeman outside in the north-eastern sectionof the city.

Battle v Rocket Member

The residence is a mess inside, due to the fact that a Team Rocket member in the backyard has actually dug into their house.Fight that Rocket, and you"ll acquire TM28 - Dig. The not just is a kind ground attack, however alsotakes the place of an escape Rope.

Route 5

Now that you"re on the various other side, walk south, and you"ll find a house. That"s the Day care Center. The old male inside will raise your Pokemon"s level ($100 because that each level) if you leave it through him. The only poor thing is that your Pokemon can learn some unwanted moves, and delete moves that you want. The an excellent thing is, if you were to leave a weak Magikarp with him, and also walk because that a while,it"ll have the ability to evolve in no time right into a powerful Gyarados! I highly suggest the you record a Meowth on course 25. Meowth is a special Pokemon in that as soon as in a while an object mysteriously attaches to it. Many times the article is a Berry, however the itemsare no just limited to Berries. The entrance to path 25 is closed, therefore you"ll need to detour through the Underground path to the following route.

Before beginning the underground Path, speak to the little girl if you want to trade your male Nidoran for her female Nidoran.You"ll to walk a lengthy walk in the dark secret Path. Soon, however, you"ll watch the daylight the $0.

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Locations (Route 5)

Route 6

Route 6 has actually six trainers waiting to fight however you can gain by through fighting just two of them if girlfriend want. There"s a lot of grass yet no brand-new Pokemon. Head to Vermilion City due to the fact that once again the enntrance gate to Saffron City is closed. Walk all the way south, and you will arrive in ~ Vermilion City.