After going v a long and also tiringroute, you"ll finally arrive at Rustboro City. Here, you"ll be able to have your very first gym battle. Yet first, we"llexplore the city.

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Once you obtain into the city, walk west and also you"ll see a large building. Go inside and up to the second floor, and also you"ll see a littlekid and an old man. Speak to the little kid, and he"ll provide you a Premier Ball. Close to the facility of the city, there"s a Pokemon School.Go inside, speak to the teacher, and also he"ll give you Quick Claw. Girlfriend can also learn some essential information indigenous the blackboard.In Emerald, walk to the reduced right-hand side of the school, and also you"ll see that mysterious human being that speak to you back in Petalburg City.His surname is Scott, and also he"s trying to find "Pokemon battle experts".

Now because that the most vital item. There"s a home next to the Pokemon Center. Inside, talk to the man, and also he"ll provide you HM01 - Cut, other that"s very essential. Teach it come a Pokemon, yet remember, it cannot be overwritten (at least for now)! Then, heal your Pokemon, and also get all set to rumble, since you"re going to the gym!

The Rocky Gym

North of the city is the gym. If you determined Torchic asyour starter, you can have a difficult time in this gym, due to the fact that this is a rock-type gym. Treecko or Mudkip will do great,but don"t expect simple win. You an initial need to acquire through two Youngsters with Geodude before getting come the leader. In Emerald, on your secondbattle, both a Youngster and a Hiker will battle you in ~ the same time. You"ll it is in battling five Geodudes. HealPokemon and also save video game if necessary.

It"s time to battle the gym leader, Roxanne. She has a lv. 14 Geodude and a lv. 15 Nosepass. In Emerald, she has two lv. 12 Geodude instead of one.The Nosepass is a lot of harder to knock out, so it is in careful! beat Roxanne and you"ll gain TM39 - rock Tomb, and the Stone Badge. The heightensAttack, and now you"ll be able to use reduced outside that battle.

Get the end of the gym, and also a person will talk to you. It"s around Team M/A. They"ve stolen his goods. Heal your Pokemon again, and exit the city by going northeast right into Route 116.

Route 116

The human will talk to friend again. Never mindhimp; go on east. You"ll go through a ton the trainers and also items, not to mention wild Pokemon too. Here, too, a Youngster and also Hiker will battle you.From currently on, you"ll have plenty of these "odd" two-on-two battles. At the finish of path 116 is a cave with an old man and also a house with a guy blocking it. Prior to that, over there is a tiny section the the route withtrainers and items inside. Use cut to obtain inside.

When you try to obtain into the cave, the old man will talk to you about his Pokemon gaining stolen. After that, go inside. The within of the caveis entirely foggy! go up because that an item, then go east, and you"ll uncover a Team M/A member (Aqua in Emerald). Speak to him, and also he"ll fight you.After winning, you"ll obtain the goods, likewise known together the Devon Goods. The old male will come in to take his Wingull away. You won"t have the ability to continue through the cave, since there room boulders blocking her way. Go external now, and also you"ll uncover the male blocking the residence isn"t blocking it anymore. You deserve to go in over there now, but there won"t be anything come do.

Go earlier to Rustboro City now. Prior to you reach there, the same human who talked to you prior to willtalk come you again. He"ll give you a Great Ball, command you into a building, and lead you come the president of Devon Corporation. The President will certainly talk to you, and also will give you the PokeNav, short for Pokemon Navigator. This shows up in your Menu, and takes the location of thePokeGear (from previous games). Its main function is the map, and also it additionally does other tiny things. The chairman will additionally give friend a Letter come hand come a guy named Steven in Dewford Town. ~ receiving that, you have the right to leave the building. Before you leave, in Emerald, a scientist will stopyou and include a Match Call to her PokeNav. It"s usually a cellular phone call to interact with trainers you"ve met before.

Going On

Leave the city by going back south v the forest. In Emerald, her rival will an initial stop you and register herself in your Match Call,and you"ll have actually a choice of battling her. When you obtain into the forest, you can cut the two trees to check out the rest of the forest. Over there is a girl within the unexplored part. Talk to her and she"ll offer you Miracle Seed. There room two Itemballs in the unexplored component and a covert item in an empty spot in the grass.

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Eventually, you"ll reach a little house v a watercraft floating onthe water. Walk inside, and also you"ll discover the old man (known together Mr. Briney) and also the Wingull girlfriend rescued. Talk to him, and also he"ll take it you onhis boat to acquire to Dewford Town.