Since the very very first Pokémon games ever, Mewtwo has been just one of the most powerful and coveted bag monsters the end there. So how have the right to players get one in Pokémon: let’s Go, Pikachu and also Let’s Go, Eevee?

Pokémon: stop Go, Pikachu and Eevee we’re only simply released critical week and already players are getting to the end-game and also trying to collect Pokémon #150. Pan of the original Pokémon Red, Blue, and also Yellow might remember exactly how they gained Mewtwo twenty years ago. The an approach remains greatly unchanged for Let’s Go: football player gain accessibility to a location called Cerulean Cave, but only after lock beat the Elite four to become Pokémon league Champion.

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Be certain to bring plenty of Ultra Balls before going top top this adventure and be all set for a fight versus one the the strongest legend Pokémon the end there. Mewtwo will certainly be in ~ level 70 throughout your conference so making use of the game’s single Master ball on Mewtwo is completely viable.

Of course, before that you’ll have to actually discover him, Cerulean cavern has lot of of loot off the main path, yet for the functions of this guide, we’ll take you straight to Mewtwo.


Cerulean cavern is (obviously) near Cerulean City. Players should go phibìc from the city to path 24 and also then Sea Skim southern until they reach the cave entrance. The non-player personality that previously guarded the enntrance gate will currently do fight with you prior to granting entry to the cave.

From the entrance, head north to the stream and also follow that to a ladder located to the eastern leading up. Top top the second floor, among the ladders in the northwest corner leads earlier down two stories to what’s basically a basement level. Follow the course down there to the east and then south. Eventually, the course will wind earlier west, ending at a human body of water wherein you’ll discover Mewtwo on an island.

Unlike in other Pokémon games, you’ll have to completely defeat Mewtwo before entering the capturing phase, therefore there’s no point in pulling her punches. Emphasis on hitting it through Dark, Ghost, or bug moves for the bonus damage, and try to inflict status results like Frozen, Paralysis, Sleep to assist make the a bit easier. After did you do it successfully recorded Mewtwo, you’ll encounter her rival because that a quick conversation before battling a brand-new trainer called “Green,” a pretty callback come previous version of this story.

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If every this seems prefer too lot trouble, take into consideration just waiting for Super stop Bros. Ultimate, whereby Mewtwo will be a playable character yet again.