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I produced this page in solution to difficulties I noticed world had capturing Latios/Latias in their Ruby, Sapphire, and also Emerald games. While many world do simply use their solitary Masterball per game to capture these time-consuming legendaries, Latios and also Latias actually can be fairly easy to catch. Or even fun to catch!
The very first step to recording Latios/Latias is to get the legend on her Pokedex. If you"re playing Ruby or Sapphire and you"ve already beaten your game, you"ve most likely bumped right into your Lati at the very least once. However, if not, acquiring your Lati registered in the day can be an extremely time consuming. Due to the fact that the possibility of bumping into your Lati in the while randomly is fairly low, ns recommend gift patient and also continuing come play your video game normally and also traveling around the grass until your Lati appears rather than proactively seeking that out. However, if you have a girlfriend who has the Lati you are looking for, friend can quickly register the Lati on your dex by having actually your friend put the Lati in their party and also then mixing documents with you. If you walk to their an enig base in her game, you should be able to battle them, and they will have the Lati in their party! after that, the following step it to discover a Pokemon through an ability that stops opponents from running away. There are two ability in the video game that do this: zero Tag and also Arena Trap. However, Arena trap does not work-related on flying or levitating Pokemon, and the just Pokemon through that ability anyways is the unevolved Trapinch. for this reason that pipeline us with two Pokemon who have the shadow Tag ability.
Wobbuffet and Wynaut are the just Pokemon who have actually Shadow Tag. Since Wobbuffet has the greater defensive cabability, the is the option I recommend. girlfriend can acquire a Wobbuffet by evolving Wynaut egg you get from the old male in Lavaridge or catch one native the Safari ar west that Lilycove. You"ll want to train her Wobbuffet to about level 60, therefore it have the right to take her Lati"s attacks relatively well. Due to the fact that Wobbuffet"s minimal moveset do it a pain to train, i recommend using endure Share and Rare Candies. when you have your Lati Catcher ready, try to fulfill the legendary. Remember to stock up on a many Pokeballs, several complete Restores, and maybe a couple of X Defends first. since your Lati will certainly be level 40, you can additionally put a Pokemon reduced than level 40 first in her party. If you use Repels, her Lati would still be able to appear because that is a greater level 보다 your lead Pokemon. This trick conserves time by allowing you to skip extra wild Pokemon battles, however is optional. as soon as you"re prepared, go to a place where two courses meet. Go ago and forth between the 2 routes and also check her Pokedex every time to see if your Lati is on the same course as you. As soon as you find that you room on the very same route, save (in instance your Lati faints), then find the grass and water ~ above the route until girlfriend bump into the legendary. Now, you"re in ~ the catching. If friend don"t currently have your trapping Pokemon first in her party, switch to it. If you"re using Wobuffest, save using mirror Coat till your Lati uses Psychic for the an initial time. Make sure to take note of about how much HP damages the winter Coat returned. Then save using winter Coat until the Lati is under to around a 3rd of that is HP. If you"re using one more Pokemon, simply use a relocate that does damage and also keep monitor of how much damage you"re doing. Don"t reduced your Lati"s HP as well much reduced than 1/3 because it is likely to start using battle soon. when the HP is in ~ a an excellent amount, save throwing Pokeballs the any form while making use of healing item on your Pokemon together necessary. If the Lati starts making use of Struggle, you need to use an X defend or 2 if you brought any kind of to to decrease the recoil damages it does to itself. If the legendary faints, rotate off her game and start going ago and forth in between routes again. But if not.... Congratulations on your brand-new Latios/Latias!