Hello everyone, ns trying to discover backflips currently, and also it seams favor only fear interferes me. Im not in a gym, yet we do have equipmen, mats, blocks and also air floor, so we execute it safely. Ns trying to acquire to a greater level as an adult, and also my are afraid is my best obtacle again and also again, v my back handsprings and also now through my backflips. What i desire to know is 2 things. First if friend have any tips because that overcoming fear please?And most important, go the fear disappear sometime? ns mean, if im doing a backflip like X number of times, will certainly the fear disappear? If you read my earlier posts, ns aiming very high, so ns really require to obtain over those fears.And btw, is it less complicated to obtain over fears with an ext equipment? choose spring floor, tumble track and pits?Thank you an extremely much

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It would certainly be a lot less complicated to end come the are afraid if friend were functioning on this skill in a gym v a coach. The coach would provide you drills to work-related on based on your own difficulties and assist the ability to feel right.Also the coach will tell you when you are prepared to attempt it on her own.Fear in gymnastics is not bad, the good. It is our body communicating with united state that for some factor we aren’t prepared to litter this ability in our own. Either physically or mentally.The crucial to success is to hear To and work with the fear.
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ok i see. That is essential to point out i didnt try it alone, i did it through parkour coach. The did say the physically i can do it. I jump high, straight and also not backward, however as shortly as ns take turn off the block and try to jump right to the mat, my human body wont move well, ns guess i"ll just have to wait until the gyms will open up again.

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For part people, fears deserve to be get over with numbers (doing x number of a skill), yet this doesn"t work-related for everyone.Examples: 1. Together a kid, i was fear to go off the high dive (10 feet off the ground) at the pool. As soon as I went turn off it, ns was good and could go turn off it consistently ... But only for the day. The are afraid returned every day. On that very first day, ns must have actually done 20 dives. As soon as I went back to the swimming pool 2 days later, the are afraid was back. I TRIED numerous times the day, but backed the end every time. Every for this reason often, I can overcome the fear and do some dives, but the fear was ago again and also again.2. My OG was similar to me when it concerned her back tuck. She necessary a point out on the very first one that the day, climate she essential the coach to simply stand there because that a few before she to be comfortable sufficient to do it on she own. Repeat each practice and meet. Well, we had satisfy where us arrived a tiny late. She stretched and then joined she team warming increase floor. The coach wasn"t in place to point out her and also she made decision to just go for it anyways. She fell, landing on her head (luckily through her hand helping to rest the fall). After that fall, she didn"t also attempt one unspotted earlier tuck because that over 18 month (and then, it to be on the airtrack only). She is not fully over the fear.3. YG was scared of doing a flyaway. Yet it wasn"t the she to be scared that flipping native the bar, lol, she to be willing to stand ON a high bar and do former tucks and back tucks off it right into a pit. She had actually seen she sister hit she toes on a flyaway one too countless times and was afraid to hit she toes. ~ she did it multiple time at one exercise unspotted, she was fine. She is fully over the are afraid ... And she helps younger team mates when they have the same fear.And yes, pits and also other tools can assist with fears.