One the the many important selections you need to make in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is the form of personality you’re going come play as. There are three different potential starting classes to choose from. And also because the video game is a massive RPG, there’s a lot of to consider when you’re building that character.

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And that’s why we’ve created this guide. We’ve broken down the three Jedi classes you pick at the begin of the game and also tried to describe how to produce the finest build feasible for each of them. We’ve take away a great long look in ~ the attributes, skills, and also feats that you should emphasis on acquiring as quickly as you maybe can.

We’ve even taken the time to think about which prestige course is the finest to aim for once you fight level 15, and also whether friend should emphasis on the irradiate or dark next of the force. Basically, there’s every little thing you need here to make certain you’re play Knight that the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords as the many badass Jedi or Sith you perhaps can.


The Guardian is all about combat. When you’re building one you must think about focusing top top Strength, Dexterity, and also Constitution. Look at her Wisdom too, due to the fact that that’ll help with your force powers. Acquire the Dual-Wielding feat, and also focus on maxing the end the Flurry feat. Explode of speed is a an excellent Force strength to occupational towards as well. Don’t worry around support powers for your main character, however no make sure you give them come the NPCs in her party if you select a Jedi Guardian.

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The Sentinel is sort of a jack-of-all-trades, a bridge class in between the combat focus of the Guardian and also the Force focus of the Consular. They’ve acquired a decent course feat the diminishes the impacts of attacks that reason fear or stun your character. Aim for a balanced set of attributes, and also a mix in between combat and also support feats and also powers.



This is the character to choose if you want to emphasis on pressure powers over combat. They’re going to get force Powers top top a regular basis, and also get more Force point out to spend on them as well. Focus on Wisdom, Dexterity, and also Constitution points. If you’re concentrating on protective powers, it’s a great idea to keep on the light next of the Force, yet if you desire to usage offensive powers, you should certainly be a dark next jerk.

Prestige classes

When friend hit level 15 you deserve to pick a reputation class. Over there are 6 of these – 3 light side and three dark side. You don’t need to pick one – in fact if you’re a Jedi Consular you can want come stick with what you’ve got. For the other two classes, you should pick either Jedi Weapon understand or Sith Marauder. You’ll gain a massive boost to her combat skills, if still obtaining plenty of force Powers come use.

Light side or dark side?

Really, this is a inquiry for role-playing. Irradiate side personalities get an ext defensive powers, dark side get much more offensive powers. If you desire to get pressure Storm, the most an effective attack in the game, then you’re walking to need to go dark side. If push pertains to shove, we’d to speak dark side is an ext fun, yet it’s a hard an option to make.

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