First that all, you’ll watch a little gap in the white fence to her north as you enter. Move through the gap and also follow the path ago west right into Pinwheel Forest. At the end is a hidden Ultra Ball i beg your pardon you deserve to grab. Perform so then head ago into Nacrene.

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Head eastern until you hit the Pokemon Center. As soon as you do, move down and enter. Heal her Pokemon and also stock increase on items if you require to. When you’re done, head earlier outside. Girlfriend guessed it, exploration time! regrettably there’s not a entirety lot come do, which provides us sad. Oh well.

From the Pokemon centre head west and also enter the an initial house the you come upon. Within is a bald man who happens to it is in the final Move Tutor ! just how wonderful. Speak to the if you want to view his wares. This one teaches moves in exchange for environment-friendly Shards.

Green ShardsMoves(s)
6Worry Seed, Gastro Acid
8Helping Hand, after ~ You, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite
10Recycle, Trick, Stealth Rock, Outrage
12Endeavor, Sleep Talk, ability Swap, Snatch

The man on the west next of the bottom floor also runs a fight shop which has some nice battle Items that you have the right to buy. Feel totally free to take it a look.

Once you’ve bought every you want, leave the house. Native there, proceed west follow me the old railway tracks until you with a white fence. As soon as you do, rotate your Dowsing MCHN on and also use the to discover the concealed PP Up . Move ago east into the main part of town when you have actually it.

When you with the Pokemon Center, relocate north increase its left side. Once you reach the roadway again, move west to the cafe. When you reach it, go into the building. Inside, move down the measures to the lower level and talk come the woman there.

She’ll give you a Dirty Handkerchief if you answer v ‘Yes’ as soon as asked. Yay? Head ago outside and head east down the road. As soon as you reach the Museum (the huge old-style building), enter it. Head on through and also you’ll be stopped by a Scientist.

This guy’s Lenora, an old Gym Leader’s husband, if you happen to remember that. He’ll talk through you and also Lenora will appear. She will market you a fossil. If you choose the an initial option you’ll be given a Cover Fossil , which can be provided to regenerate Tirtouga.

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If you choose the 2nd option you’ll be provided a Plume Fossil , which deserve to be provided to regenerate Archen. Once you regenerate a Pokemon, that will become yours. Pick whichever one girlfriend want and also confirm that you desire it and also it’ll be provided to you. Unfortunately you only gain one, however we can’t be too greedy, now have the right to we?


After you’ve got a fossil, you’ll be given a quick tour that the museum by Lenora’s hubby. You’ll protect against at the stairs. You can head increase them and explore the old gym if you want, yet there’s nothing to execute there. Instead, we’d introduce heading earlier to the entrance.

If you talk to the mrs at the right of the 2 counters, she’ll take her fossil away and also use it to regenerate a Pokemon. Clean a point out in her party by depositing a Pokemon in the computer at the Pokemon facility then come back and talk through her again to receive your Pokemon. Yay!

It will start off in ~ Level 25, therefore if you want to use it it’s walking to take a little bit of training before it’s going to be useful. Leave the museum. If girlfriend don’t want to usage it, you can swap it back with the Pokemon the you deposited in her PC. As soon as you’ve done all the you’ve completed every there is to execute in Nacrene City!