In-game transactions space nothing new. Lots of free-to-play title rope in players v addictive gameplay modes. Take it Fortnite because that instance. The ridiculously fun video game by epos is a billion-dollar industry, yet pretty much anyone v a decent enough internet connection can pat it end a range of different consoles and also platforms. Epic renders its money by charging players to acquisition in-game currency.

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Roblox is no different, yet a large question the fans of the game want to understand is: just how do you gain a refund for items that have actually been deleted.

In short, there is no means (technically) to gain your payment items that have been deleted, one of two people by you or not, refunded in Roblox.

It's the video game developer's main policy the refunds because that Robux (which is the blocky games' online currency) space impossible.


Per the Roblox website, "At this time, there is no a method to get Robux back once you have actually made a purchase or a way to delete things made by Roblox when it is owned. We recommend girlfriend to use our try it on Feature prior to completing her purchase.

"Please keep in mind that individuals are just able come delete User produced Content such together T-Shirts, Shirt, Decals, etc."

However, over there are an ext than a couple of users who have stated that they to be able to gain refunds because that items the were somehow deleted or otherwise unusable. Yet it appears that these refunds are automated and are popping up on a per-gamer basis.

Some folks have tweeted screenshot of this refund notices. Others have proclaimed that they have actually yet to get paid back for the items the they've lost.

Roblox refunds items that space banned i beg your pardon you deleted from her inventory

— Sprite (📌READ PIN) (
Roblox for providing mea refund ~ above the items that were deleted! 😋

— WavieFiji (

So if you're plan on buying some virtual apparel for your tiny block character who bears a striking resemblance to Kanye West and also Lil Pump in the "I Love It" music video, just know the if girlfriend ever remove those items, your priceless Robux are gone.

This is why the developers over at Roblox space encouraging persons to make use of the "Try the On" function that enables you come see how that in-game swag is going come look on her character prior to you walk to actually purchasing it.

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While top top the object of Robux, girlfriend should know that there really aren't any ways of acquiring the in-game money outside of the actual location itself. So if you receive messages from players that you simply met in-game (or maybe even those you've played with for a while) claiming that they deserve to hook you up through some Robux, climate beware. They're trying to scam you.