The Moron check Walkthrough

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Moron Test: Winter Break


1. “Build a snowman! Touch the snowballs from greatest to smallest.” begin with the one ~ above the left. Then add the cap after you include the arms.

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2. On the next page you’ll be offered a hint: ICE. Then, you’ll it is in asked to spell words by selecting and also touching ~ above the letter I-C-E native a team of letters that additionally contains other letters.

3. “Touch any penguin come continue.” Be careful to execute it quickly.

4. “Press the red switch to continue.” The button is in an ice block, therefore you have actually to first break the ice.

5. “Touch all over to continue.” at this phase you will additionally be warned that “our buttons have actually frozen over. You have to break the ice before you push them.”

6. Checkpoint: “Touch the B come continue.” Touch the letter B and also not the bee.

7. “Touch the penguins from the smallest to largest.” begin with the second one from the left and also end through the very first from the left.

8. “Press the buttons native left come right.” monitor this sequence: blue-yellow-red-blue-green.

9. “Touch the penguin to continue.” insanity the ice number of times 보다 tap the penguin.

10. “Which does not belong?” The sleigh.

11. “Touch the shortest icicle.” the is the very first on the right.

12. “Touch the rod to begin a fire, however don’t obtain burned.” Be mindful how you usage the sticks since the fire will certainly appear nearly instantly.

13. Checkpoint: “Touch the success pen come continue.” Touch the pen and not the penguin.

14. “Quick! Touch the turtle.” You need to be an extremely fast.

15. You’ll be given a hint: “Snow.” Then, spell the word S-N-O-W through selecting and touching the word’s letter indigenous a larger collection of letters.

16. “Touch the snow world to continue.” insanity the snowman in the globe on the right.

17. “Touch the penguins from the smallest to largest.” it is in careful, there is a very small penguin top top the right, beside the best one. Also, madness carefully since the penguins will adjust positions.

18. “Press the buttons from right to left.” be careful, many of them space in ice blocks which move around. So, you’ll need to press them number of times.

19. “Touch the biggest square ice block.” Be mindful that many of the ice blocks on the board are rectangles. The only square is the tiny one in the lower component of the board.

20. “Touch the mousse come continue.”Do no touch the mouse.

21. “Touch the next six blue buttons.” it is in careful since all the buttons room encased in ice cream blocks and they change positions all the time.

22. “Quick! Touch the frozen eco-friendly button!” Be quick to rest the ice cream block and also release the button.

23. “Touch the snowflake the matches!”At this stage you’ll first get a hint in the type of a snowflake. You’ll need to remember its shape in order to match it through the one top top the next screen.

24. “Press the orange button, climate blue twice, climate green.” Be mindful to preserve the order.

25. “Quick! Touch the giraffe!” You’ll very first see a frog, then, a turtle, and, eventually, a giraffe completely dressed in blue.

26. “Press the red button 5 times.” be careful, the switch will be encased in an ice cream block and also then will adjust its color.

27. Checkpoint: “Which one has the most carrots?” Answer: the middle bunch.

28. “Press the buttons from left come right.” begin with the red button, be cautious that 2 of the buttons space in ice blocks.

29. You’ll be given a hint, the word: WINTER. Spell words by picking the letters W-I-N-T-E-R indigenous the collection of letter on the board.

30. “Which does no belong?” The tortoise in the right edge with a white point out on the face.

31. “Touch the timer.” Touch the clock.

32. “Press the red button, then blue twice, then green, then orange twice.” Be careful that the position of the buttons will certainly change.

33. “Don’t touch the Dad, touch the Son.” Touch the smaller sized penguin and also not the sun.

34. You’ll obtain a hint: a penguin.

35. “Quick! Touch the frog!” execute not touch the “continue” red button and also wait until the frog briefly. Be careful that there will be numerous penguins reflecting up.

36. “Press the green button twice, then blue three times, then orange, climate red 4 times.” Be cautious that the location of the buttons will certainly change.

37. In ~ this phase you are asked come spell a word. Psychic the previous hint: PENGUIN and also select the letter from the given set.

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38. “Help the turtle obtain food because that winter.” shiver your an equipment to do the apologize fall.