Are those Boos keeping you spooked? We"ll teach you exactly how to take them under in our Super Mario Run overview for killing ghosts.

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Super Mario Run has a ton of returning characters and enemies from previous Super Mario games. You"ll an initial encounter the ghostly Boos in world 2-1 when you visit your an initial haunted house-like level. It"s reasonably easy to protect against the ghosts in civilization 2-1. However, it"s not until later, in world 5-3, as soon as you"ll start having to confront down the Boo ghosts.

In civilization 5-3 the Boos will have actually items in them. This items deserve to be just coins, or they have the right to be secrets you have to reach the end of the level. To attain these items, you"ll need to kill those ghosts and take them! It"s not impossible to kill them, but it deserve to be tricky. Follow the guide below to discover out the best way to take down those dastardly Boos.

How to death Ghosts prefer a Pro

In at sight Mario Run. Mario is always running, so you"ve constantly got to be rapid on your toes. The key thing to store in psychic is the you can"t kill the ghosts permanently. Boos space unfortunately immortal, yet you have the right to turn their fright ago around on them and also make them disappear. Friend see, as soon as you look in ~ a ghost they gain bashful and turn invisible. It"s indigenous this moment you can snag everything item they to be carrying.

The best method to "kill" ghosts is to use the backward blocks to backflip over them. As soon as you land and also look in ~ them, the Boos will disappear, and also you can obtain the article they were carrying, which will certainly be hovering in mid-air. It might take part time to acquire used to this, though. You need to time your jumps just right, or you"ll land ideal on the ghost. Mario is the finest character to usage for fighting ghosts. If he has actually used a supervisor Mushroom to become Super Mario, you have the right to hit the ghost there is no being forced into the bubble and getting pushed earlier in the level. Any other character that hits a Boo will instantly get captured in the bubble, and if you room bubbled too numerous times, you need to start the level over.

More methods to be the best at super Mario Run

Now that you know how to acquire past the Boos and also their ghostly ways, you deserve to learn how to execute even an ext in at sight Mario Run. If you"ve been having actually trouble figuring out just how to gain moreof the assorted colored Toads, we can assist you out. Maybe you want to learn how to take it a familiar Runwith your friends, or possibly you"re feather to collection all the Pink Coinsin at sight Mario Run.

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You can examine out ours Super Mario run guidehub for an ext information on how to be the best. Girlfriend can additionally check the end our YouTubefor videos on at sight Mario Run and also other great games.