Rick Riordan wrote a an excellent series that books about a boy called Percy Jackson. Gift a demi god is dangerous and as percy therefore expertly states, "Most of the moment it gets you killed in painful ways." the is a demigod. Fifty percent kid, half god, every hero.

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Are girlfriend a demigod? execute you belong at Camp half Blood through Percy(son that Poseidon), Annabeth(daughter of Athena), and also Grover(a satyr)? accomplish you in ~ camp come summer! Say hello to Mr. D for me!

Created by: Maggie

If you might travel to space, would you be on the next space ship? TOTALLY! possibly in a little while only if mine teddy bear have the right to come NO WAY!!!Would you like to struggle a monster? hell yeah! just if a acquired a weapon. Just if it remained in a video game. (scream) NO, please i beg that you!Would girlfriend ask out your crush? Yuh, what if a girlfriend was watching only if ns knew he/she favored me earlier i"m too scared, i"ll stick come admiring indigenous afarWould you kill a rogue if you had actually a chance? YES!!!!! i WOULD. Just without any blood wouldn"t that get me arrested? NOOOOOOOOO!!Would girlfriend ever(or walk you want to) leave home at a young age? yes, ns love being on the open road. Only as soon as i"m older not really No ns love mine mom and dad also muchWould you ever before go sky diving? Yes. To the planes! just if a friend came v me Not now i wouldn"t No i would certainly wet myselfIf your best friend was getting picked on by the institution bully, would you stand up to them? that course! um maybe, yeah. More than likely no, i would certainly be scaredDo you eat your vegetables? What else would I carry out with them? most of them the end of fource NO I hate VEGETABLES!Do friend play with fire? YEAH! occasionally not usually neverWould you fight a serial killer? Yep Um, maybe only with a weapon (sob) no wayHave you ever before gotten one f? Usually largely once neverDo friend lose focus sometimes? Yeah, probably too much sometimes not a many neverDo you have a temper? yes! A big ONE A little some time neverDo you love fantasy stories and myths? DEFINATELY few of them a little not reallyDo you think in greek gods? Absolutely yes um not really noDO friend love the outdoors? i love castle a many a little not in ~ allDo you mainly follow the rules? NO means not typically usually alwaysHave friend read any of the books in the percy jackson and the olympians series? every one of them. Castle rock some of them i just started the lightning thief no one Do you know what nectar and also ambrosia are? yep, duh! ns think for this reason I"m not sure. I have no ideaAre friend outgoing you might say the a tiny rarely never

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Quiz topic: Am ns a Demigod?

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