My son has been slowing under on his bracelet making in recent months, but he still has hundreds the those small rainbow impend bands. The came house from daycare yesterday v a brand-new project that learned native a girl there. Ns was happy because it would start to use up several of those bands! He was excited come share through me exactly how to make a Rainbow impend Band Bouncy Ball and also asked if I wanted to take images of the process. I assumed that to be a good idea, so if your children have tons of those mini fancy bands hanging around, here’s a funny craft that they’ll reap making and also enjoy playing with even more!


Rainbow impend Bands (I used Glow in the Dark Ones)

Piece of file computer paper

How to make a Rainbow impend Band Bouncy Ball:


Tear turn off a tiny piece of paper


Roll the document between your hands to produce a ball.

Wrap the paper with the bands.

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Ns switch that up, several just wrapped once, and also one or two wrapped double – move it up together you go.

Keep adding bands until you deserve to no much longer see the paper… and also then add a few more great – you desire it come be about the size of a common bouncy ball! Make certain the last 3-4 bands the you add are wrapped approximately the sphere twice. That’s it, you’re done! currently it’s time to begin playing!