ns am running a 1.12 Minecraft realms server, play Survival Multiplayer, and there are quite a couple of players playing on it. The problem is the I sometimes encounter a player stealing various other player"s items indigenous chests.

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My score is to protect against this form happening by somehow blocking the chest list from some players.

The difficulty is: How deserve to I execute this? Is there also a way to safeguard a player"s chest from other players?


I too have a realm and what you could possibly execute is turn keepinventory top top if the isn’t currently and just offer players loads of skulker boxes i m sorry they deserve to use to store items instead of put chests. Sadly, i can’t uncover a way to make chests invincible and locked there is no plugins or mode so this could be the method to go. Sorry if this no the price you were looking for.


You can lock chests with Lock:"Key Name" and also if you have actually a item with that name, you have the right to open the chest when right clicking it v the called item.

/blockdata ~ ~-1 ~ Lock:"Key Name"



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