Homeschooling my children this year has produced an amazing opportunity for me to lug fun right into learning about American history in ways that isn’t feasible in a timeless public school. Because that instance, in our an initial unit about explorers us made tough tack which was a main food source for sailors. My kids likewise braved trying sardines and anchovies which were common in a Spanish seaman’s diet. Our American history lessons have coincided perfectly with Thanksgiving this month and in addition to learning around the Plymouth swarm being established and also the first Thanksgiving, we have also been learning around different aboriginal American tribes. Below is a funny DIY faux animal leather teepee handmade to makewhen learning about Native Americans.

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I have to note that although us made this craft while learning about Native Americans, we learned the the Wampanoag tribe that assisted the pilgrims for the an initial Thanksgiving actually stayed in wigwams, no teepees. Due to the fact that our studies focused on an ext than the Wampanoag tribe, it to be a fun chance to learn about how various tribes live differently.

If you have been trying to find an American background homeschool curriculum I absolutely recommend taking a look at all American HistoryJunior. This is no an affiliate link, we have just really delighted in the curriculum thus far this year.

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Supplies you will need:

brown document grocery bagwatersmall bowlsmall sticks or skewersscissorsglue stick


1. Begin by cutting the end a half circle from her brown record grocery bag for her teepee. Then cut a small fifty percent circle in the center of the directly edge that the half circle.

2. Crinkle up the form you just cut out into a ball. Dunk it right into a bowl of water to get it all wet and also then unfold the and set it aside come dry.


3. When the file bag shape has actually finished drying, acquire out her oil pastels and also draw designs and also symbols on her teepee.

4. Make a equipment of 2 components glycerin come 3 components water. We offered 2 Tbsp glycerin and also 3 Tbsp water. ~ the solution is mixed thoroughly together, use a sponge brush to sponge the systems onto the document bag pieces till it is wet again. Permit the piece dry for about 24 hrs.


5. After around 24 hours our document bag pieces were dry. Castle glycerin add to moisture and shine to the record bag so it virtually doesn’t it seems ~ dry, yet it yes, really is. The wrinkles collection in and also it to be a little bit darker. The paper bag was thinner and super soft, similar to soft leather. The oil pastels still organized their bright color too.

6. Put a thick heat of glue through a glue stick along one of the directly edges that the record bag piece and then role the various other straight edge approximately to adhesive them together to do a teepee shape.


7. Cut a slot in the teepee to make an entrance and also then include some rod or timber skewers within the peak of the teepee to finish it. Us didn’t attach every one of our skewers together because we have actually our teepee’s sitting up top top a shelf on display, yet if you space making this in a classroom, you might want to use a rubberband or glue to attach them every together.

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All 3 of my youngsters enjoyed do this handmade (ages 5, 8 and 10) so that is a an excellent activity for the entirety family to enjoy.