Light malt extract agar (LMEA) is the most straightforward and fundamental formula for developing agar. There"s naught fancy about it, just agar-agar, nutrients, and also water. Also in that simplicity, the recipe is highly effective and an excellent for beginners.

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Water Agar LME Plates250 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1000 ml 1250 ml 1500 ml 1750 ml 2000 ml
5 g 7.5 g ~10
10 g 15 g ~20
15 g 22.5 g ~30
20 g 30 g ~40
25 g 37.5 g ~50
30 g 45 g ~60
35 g 52.5 g ~70
40 g 60 g ~80


Glass Vessel: select the glass container with a lid to hold the agar mixture (Mason jar, booze bottle, Erlenmeyer flask, etc.)Foil: stays clear of moisture indigenous seeping right into the mixture as soon as pressure-sterilizing.

Creating the Agar Mixture

While this is the most usual agar recipe, my an approach for making might be various from other sources. It works well for me, and feel free to take any type of liberties to do the recipe her own.



Bring a few quarts that water come a boil. Use more water than is needed as some may evaporate, which would certainly throw turn off the recipe. You can also use the extra water to essentially pre-heat the press cooker.


Dry Ingredients

Use the ratio table above and measure up the essential amount of light malt extract and include it to the north container. Repeat the procedure with the agar-agar.



Food colour Optional

If you would like to change the mixture"s color, include a few drops the the desired color. You might want to protect against using greens as it might disguise contamination.



Mix the agar till the dry ingredients are fully dissolved. Perform not permit the liquid come into contact with filters or poly-fil.


Pressure Cooker

Cover the cap of the agar mixture v foil to avoid moister from entering when in the push cooker.



Place the agar mixture in the press cooker and also ensure it is secure. If needed, ar a few empty mason jars within the push cooker to prevent anything native moving.


Cook because that at least 45 minutes at 15-PSI. That is perfectly acceptable to cook along with grain spawn. The extended food preparation time will certainly not harm the agar.

This is a good time to start the sterilization protocol.

Allow the pressure cooker come come under to 0-PSI prior to cracking the seal.

Unlike other materials, you"ll want to remove the agar mixture from the cooker to avoid it indigenous solidifying.Place the agar in a sterile atmosphere while cooling.The mixture is all set to pour when the temperature will 116-122°F (46-50°C).Highly recommend using an infrared heat gun to monitor the temperatures.

Now, you are prepared to pour her mixture right into petri dishes. You need to follow the sterilization protocol for the following part. That is a an excellent idea to prepare while the agar mixture is cooking.

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