Hi! Like many everyone rather I"ve viewed so far, the inevitability of Eclipse makes me rather unhappy, and also yet I have nowhere rather to go.

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I have seen countless journals, status updates, polls and posts concerning this update... Ns agree v a lot of what has been said. The permanent readjust is not ideal for particular users, there"s a learning curve, it"s unfinished (for Groups), a the majority of our individualities are going to be covert (re: customization) -- however I also think it is below to stay... Together am I. Therefore, i am figured out to acquire to understand it intimately.I likewise wanted to be able to assist other people who might be do the efforts to execute the same. Enter: this journal.This journal is designed particularly as my own personal notepad, but any and also all members are much more than welcome to ask questions, discuss, share, and use for their very own benefit. I may really well article your suggestions, but perhaps no always--like i said, this is a personal (read: selfish) notepad. All ns ask is that us leave disagreements at the door. (Disagreements and also arguments room two an extremely different things This will certainly be a slow and ongoing process; think about this newspaper a living, breathing document that is continually changing. At the moment of posting this, these concerns and workarounds space nowhere near complete as i am just getting started, and will continue to evolve as I explore much more of Eclipse and as more features roll out.With that said, the best method to gain your voice heard about specific Features (or lack thereof) is by submitting Feedback to snucongo.org. If you need to find it in Eclipse (because it actually took me a when to figure out):1. Float over your icon in the top right2. Walk to "Get assist & give Feedback"3. ~ above the new page, in the an initial "box" the leading inquiries under the title "New snucongo.org," next to the eco-friendly "SHOW ALL" link toggle is the "GIVE your FEEDBACK" link.4. Submit details as vital (700 character limit)OR5. Skip procedures 1-3 and also click this attach instead:www.eclipsefeedback.comI suggest writing your feedback quite concise and also to the point. As much as we might desire to embellish v very solid opinions, it"s easier and also faster for dA to procedure feedback the is short and simple. To this end, it might likewise be an excellent to submit one piece of feedback every topic. Because that example, if you have actually a the majority of concerns around journal customization, compose feedback top top journals instead of both journals and additionally profile customization. Ns don"t understand that this technique is effective, so this details may change. However it sure piles up a most feedback that"s basic to parse through.
Please note: While this sections room strongly guided because that arpg ar members, this is not the ar to look at for her ARPG"s brand-new processes concerning changes with Eclipse. Each and every ARPG attributes differently, and also it is as much as each group"s staff/admin team to determine just how their team will continue come the finish of May. While I might update with new techniques or references for things like sta.sh writer changes, that is since I also use those points as a member, however is in no means intended to steer any kind of ARPG"s direction. Her group"s admin and also staff space likely at this time working tough to find all of the workarounds because that the roadblocks you"ve certainly encountered in your experiences in Eclipse, please offer them time to type it out!
Staples that space Different


Eclipse has various base/default worths which can adjust the size and readability that some text in journals and literature skins. This is no longer HTML based.
CALL to ACTION: ENTIRE... Snucongo.org site SKINS space POSSIBLE - As advocated by Danlev himself: developing a User style for the new snucongo.org- So... Apparently?? Individuals have the right to use a web browser extension to change the watch of snucongo.org. I"m yes, really hoping this will permit us to adjust aspects that snucongo.org the give human being headaches like the padding, margins, and text spacing. I perform not have the skills to carry out this myself, however I encourage everyone interested in make the efforts to make a skin (or skins) to share!STA.SH WRITER SKINS - Skins currently still exist in heritage for submissions (Lit/Journals) the were originally posted through them pre-Eclipse. For example, this journal, as soon as edited, gets edited in Sta.sh Writer and also at the time of this update, you deserve to see the the skin is quiet in tact. (NOTE: may 23 -- i submitted a ticket come refund my core as i feel ns no much longer need it. When my core membership is removed, I will certainly no much longer have accessibility to journal skins. Modifying this record will likely an outcome in a plain-text doc the next time ns update. )- CSS and also HTML still work-related in heritage Sta.sh Writer Journals. The same is technically true for legacy Literature entries, HOWEVER, the "Edit through Sta.sh Writer" feature has to be removed, do it an overwhelming to edit text (and consequently HTML and also CSS) for literature entries (it shows up strictly as HTML mode, without a view of or the capacity to modify your literary works skin).- because skins room still currently editable, friend canstill override Eclipse"s newspaper styling by adding !important to your password in areas where it doesn"t complement up. Because that example, come shrink her links back down, friend can add a line choose ".text a font-size: 14px!important; " to her css.--- examine out Xaishi"s instance in their comment:www.snucongo.org.com/comments/1/…- that is at this time not possible to change the padding/spacing top top Eclipse journals and also literature pieces.- Text can still it is in edited and also formatted in Eclipse journals & literature with the floating UI (user interface) devices that appear when message is highlighted, to change aspects like font dimension and an easy styling. Sizes and placement room hard-fixed and cannot be changed with CSS or HTML.- an initial learned lesson after publishing: Bold
(in legacy journals) makes text appear much bigger in Eclipse (and can do extra weird things on mobile). The Strong tags keeps message the same size -- at least for my skins.

Notifications Hub - navigation & Functions

"Watch" and also "Notifications" space separated right into two category on opposite ends of the height banner. (Watch: Left / Notifs : R -- Don"t view "Watch"? Your display screen resolution or browser may be too small. You will find it under "More".)"WATCH" - by default views only deviations posted by individuals you watch, no everything.- go to "All" to obtain to the closest watch to the old site- city hall stacks of deviations/posts will "lock" you in to the stack"s source, i.e. A details user or group. You should hit the page"s (not browser"s) "back" button to view all resources again.- once only one member submits a deviation come a group, you will view their username and icon ~ above the sole featured artwork rather of the group it was submitted to. You will have to view the deviation to view which group(s) it belongs to."NOTIFICATIONS" - the red alert period (when you receive a new, un-viewed notification) will disappear as quickly as you click the bell that takes you come the an alert page.- girlfriend can select an individual recent notifications by hovering end the bell and also selecting one indigenous the drop-down menu, or you deserve to view every notifications by clicking straight on the bell.- "Advanced" see is closest view to the old website (for mysettings,) where notifs room lumped right into categories. IMO this is far better for conserving or previewing arpg-related comments like perms, proofs, redeems, etc.- "Simple" view is strict chronological, through no categorical organization.- In advanced view, over there is an alternative to "Group by Type" -- slight Misnomer. Because that Replies, having actually this on will stack replies because that a single thread, Favorites will stack because that a single deviation, etc.- there does not right now seem to it is in a streamlined means to check out ONLY certain stacks that notifications ~ above its very own page (e.g. All favorites top top one deviation, all brand-new watchers, etc.)---There is an alternative to "view more" but it merely pulls the notifications out of the stack and also keeps lock amidst all of your other notifications.- an alert Removal/Saving:--- Checkbox ~ above the upper left edge of notifications permit you come either remove or save individual or multiples the notifications. (A bar will appear throughout the optimal of the browser. X-ing out will deselect all of your selections.)---- file Box and also Trash have the right to on the upper right corner of notifications permit you either eliminate (trash) or conserve (file box) just individual notifications."RECOMMENDED because that YOU" - this is obtainable in both website versions by default, by going to snucongo.org"s house page.- Pagination (rather than countless scrolling) will be on if you have actually it rotate on in your current Browse settings (the only thing pagination setup seems to affect in Eclipse, currently.)- open minded a good thing -- one algorithm considers her favorites, collections, views and also communities and also spits out art the it thinks you"ll like. It"s greatly accurate!


Comments have the right to still be linked directly, by clicking on the date/time the posting and also copying the brand-new URL. Comment link formatting has not changed between Old dA and Eclipse."PARENT" - has actually moved to the topmost & leftmost margin ~ above the page"s contents, over the comment"s identify titleTIMESTAMPS - at this time timestamps room not thorough by default, various other than the date a comment/reply was posted.- If a comment is edited, however, a timestamp will certainly be developed to the minute (not Seconds.) check out it by clicking the timestamp ("Edited" because that an edited comment) and also looking come the appropriate of the comment.- This might make auctions with a specific end-time difficult. Present recommendation is to move auctions come Discord... I m sorry would call for making & regulating your own an individual server.- flip side: imagine being in everyone"s personal server just to be able to buy your adoptables that they auction. :1- certainly open to various other suggestions.EDIT - The "Edit" option has moved from the upper appropriate of the comment"s square to in ~ the comment, on the left-most side.HIDE - there is no hiding comments, just deleting them.ENDLESS SCROLLING - comment on journals and deviations are noted "endlessly" on a single page, rather than having paginated comments.- acquiring to the "bottom" that a subject (i.e. Breeding, bank thread) is time-consuming and requires hand-operated activation the the "Load More" button- by default, Comment threads seem to display screen *99 comments, Nested, regardlessof your present Browsing Settings.--- *Comment count confirmed by a member without core.--- Newest vs earliest will it is in displayed based on your existing Browsing Settings, and can be changed within the Journal"s comment section, together always.--- that is no longer possible to adjust Newest vs earliest view in separation, personal, instance comment threads.- recommend making usage of her keyboard"s "Page Down" (and "Page Up") buttons , and "Home" and also "End" come skip directly to the peak or bottom of a fill section.- update the web page takes you back to square one: gotta "Load More" everywhere again to get ago to where you were.- Paginated Notifications and also Comments are currently being operated on - Pagination because that Browse and Search. No ETA because that this feature update.--- dA staff comment regarding future changes across the site:www.snucongo.org.com/comments/1/…

Adding Images

You can still utilize images in text, however not everywhere.THUMBNAILS - special, Thumbnail code (e.g. :ThumbXXXXXXXXX:), no much longer work in Eclipse Comments.- Pre-May 20, Thumbnail codewillwork in Eclipse Journals. (Literature submissions carry out not support Thumbs - including an photo in a literary works submission always required html workaround.)- The Thumb password for deviations is no much longer visible top top the deviation"s source page.- dA-specific ignorance HTML coding (e.g. Da:deviation id="XXXXXXXXX" width="290"*) is as of however untested in Eclipse-created Journals, Literature, and Comments. (*replace v left and also right arrows.)- If converting Thumbnails to links in her trackers or sta.sh, proceed with caution.Thumbnails have always had the potential come "break" in sta.sh writer, it is unclear just how they will be influenced in Eclipse mode.--- Ctrl+Z quiet works almost everywhere (both Eclipse and Old dA) yet if there is a an insect affecting thumbnails, it might impede your ability to undo a change. Because that this reason, I would recommend opened the thumb"s source, re-copy-ing and pasting the link (as a link instead the a thumb) and moving on indigenous there.NON-THUMBNAIL IMAGES - have the right to be added directly to journals by click the circled "+" button priorto any text being composed on that late.- girlfriend can include multiple images to a Journal, one per paragraph/break. Because a heat break is required to add an image, it does not appear images can be added side through side.- Images can be formatted come fit approximately text an in similar way to Google Docs, with user interface buttons. This will shrink the image to a little under fifty percent the broad of the Journal"s message box, through extra space for padding in between the image and the text.- it does not appear that images deserve to be resized. They will certainly conform to the maximum broad of the Journal"s text box.- images can additionally be included in Eclipse Comments. Many images deserve to be added, one at a time.- every one of these images are sourced native an floating user interface that allows you to select from both your very own gallery and your collections.- that is not noticeable if HTML have the right to be supplied to include or alter image formatting. (One of Eclipse"s objectives is to eliminate the "need" for HTML.)

Your Profile

Profiles are probably the biggest difference between Old dA and also Eclipse, however with some finessing i think we"ll have the ability to inject our personalities into them at the very least a little!"RECENT ACTIVITY" - currently, it seems that the only "Recent Activity" displayed with regards to her account room Comments you"ve made. These are presented in the "About" page from her Profile.- You deserve to remove the (recent) comment section, and everything else yet the an easy information listed at the top, by click the garbage can.- Badges and Badge task (badges you"ve sent and also received v timestamps) room locked together. Girlfriend cannot display one there is no the other.- various other than the timestamped Comments and Badge activity sections in her "About" page, over there does not seem to be an indicator offering away your present online status. Hide these sections to save your activity most private.

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"ABOUT" - The persistent "About Username" crate on her profile is the topmost box discovered on your about Page. This crate cannot be covert from either her profile or about page, but you can minimize the details displayed.- The "Bio" ar in her "ABOUT" box is customizable with images, youtube videos, and also gallery screens -- but not to the extent of a "CUSTOM" box.- girlfriend can pick to have actually your birthday show to varying levels via Account setups ("General/Personal Information") -- different from the "ABOUT" box.- girlfriend can pick to have your pronoun/s displayed in her "ABOUT" crate in her Account setups ("General/Personal Information") and also or throughthe "ABOUT" box by click the "i" in the pronouns box. It will take you to Account Settings.