How perform you measure a cup that greens (spinach, sheet lettuce, romaine, etc)? I deserve to cram fairly a the majority of spinach right into a measuring cup. ~ above the various other hand, if I just lightly location the pipeline in the cup, I acquire just a tiny fraction of the amount.

I have actually a scale, maybe that"s better. Just how much does a cup that greens weigh?


If you should measure, why not simply put the amount of greens you would certainly serve to a solitary person ~ above a key or bowl and then keep doing that for the variety of people to it is in served?

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Most world don"t measure salad greens, simply guess-timate.

As suggested, bowl it the end or just go by handfuls.

In fact, measurements for any component of a salad are just guidelines, so usage your very own judgement. With experience, you won"t have to measure.

However, if friend are cooking greens, know that they chef down a lot.

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i never measure salad greens...i just tear the lettuce..(no matter which one im using) them in the salad crackhead to clean them and put them right into a big bowl..mix it with other fresh veggies ...toss it...then provide bowls to others and also let lock decide exactly how much salad lock prefer..if much more is needed...i do more


Here space some approximate dimensions to help you acquisition or choose greens from her garden:

2 handfuls or 2 loosely packed cups trimmed greens equates to 1 1/2 to 2 ounces

1 pack quart trimmed greens equals about 6 ounces

1 grasp or together cup shredded irpari greens equals around 1 1/2 ounces

6 handfuls or 6 cup untrimmed leafy greens equals 1 pound

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