Twisted sims have actually the an ext interesting stories.~~~~~~~~~~Silent Hill 2 huge fan. Fav sim is Bella Goth.Crazy around Sims 2 stories.

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Original InstructionsbyCourtney Marchelletta.

This is my personal guide (The accuse that worked for me) and some tips for far better gameplay.

Mentioning ns play ~ above intel laptop v Windows 10, I have actually the sims 2 can be fried collection and i use those program to work:

The No origin Sims2EP9.exe

The Graphics rules Maker

The 4GB patch Repair


So first of every we carry out not need the direct exe paper of the key game however we need the shortcut.

1. Click the begin Menu


3.In the alphabet list select the letter T


5. Go on more and climate Open paper location


7. Walk on Shortcut and in Target


9.You have the right to now double click the shortcut and the video game will open in windowed mode.


10.Switching ago to Full-Screen Mode:If you decision you want to play The Sims 2 in full-screen setting again, repeat the same actions as described above but delete -w from the shortcut’s command heat to revert back to the vault settings.

Some Tips the will assist you for far better gameplay:

We know that in The sims 2 in windowed setting the sheet scrolling is not working.So numerous of us don’t beat in windowed mode due to the fact that of that.But here’s a reminder that can aid you!Just host right click and drag!

If you want the game to close however it does no respond (it provided to do that in fullscreen mode and also for me ALT+F4 is not working.)Just CTRL+ALT+DEL pick to logout from windows, climate relogin.This will pressure close every the programs however not your pc.

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