Long gone room the days once phones were just used to make calls or send message messages. It was actually iPhones the made people realize that they can meet their passion for photography on phones. Instead of buying cameras, civilization are now capturing and also recording moments and creating storage via their iPhones.

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iPhone’ camera is maybe its standout feature that provides it a superiority over other smartphones. The photo quality is excellent, while the built-in features permit you to take pictures in various modes.

Can friend Pause video Recordings utilizing the Camera App?

The just thing that annoys iPhone customers is its inability to pause a video. You can only protect against the video clip via the shutter button, but you cannot pause it to restart filming again from wherein you left. It is without doubt a shame the a tool like an iphone or the iPad doesn’t have the stop feature. The photography geeks will tell you just how they desire the capability to create one constant video with countless different scenes rather of editing and also merging various videos right into a solitary one.

How to stop Videos top top iPhone

Apple may consider the i can not qualify to stop videos concern in your next couple of updates, but until then, users have the right to use an application called PauseCam to their advantage.


1. Walk to the app Store and also download the application called PauseCam video Recorder.

2. Next, open the app and collection up the application as per your preference.


3. Tap on Enable Camera; this is compulsory. Tap ~ above Enable Microphone; this is optional. It is recommended that you permit both the options.

4. Now you will watch a video clip recorder similar to your Camera App. Push the Red Shutter Button to begin filming.


5. Currently a Small Red Button will appear on the bottom of her screen. You deserve to use this button to pause/resume your video whenever girlfriend like.

6. Tap on the Tick icon at the height right edge of your display once you are completed the recording. The will start the conserving process. You can likewise discard the by tapping the X switch at the top-left corner.


7. Currently tap the Share symbol at the top-right of your screen. Currently the application will ask you to select the high quality of video clip you desire to save.

8. Insanity Low, as all the other alternatives are paid, unfortunately.


9. Next, friend will watch both the sharing and saving choices for this video. Madness Save in Photos.

10. You have the right to tap the alternative More to conserve it in different folders on her iPhone.

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Don’t desire to Download any Apps to stop Recordings?

If you don’t want to download any type of apps and you want to pause with the indigenous iPhone camera, then the only means that you’ll be able to do this is if you cut using an additional software or the editing application within your iPhone or iPhone. Fairly than searching for ways to pause the video clip recording, you can record normal, and also make cuts at the points that you necessary to stop or just chop the video. Or, you can simply just finish the video when you desire to pause it climate you deserve to compile the videos together using iMovie.