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I"m thinking about getting a cheap Wii U (console only) indigenous eBay through a pro controller and just utilizing that. I understand some games require the gamepad, but for the most part I"m no interested in those and also I can pick increase a gamepad because that those later on on. My brother has a Wii U so i could collection it up v his gamepad and then simply use the pro controller. Would that occupational or nah?

Technically, yes you can do the if you used your brothers, but as Pala above me said, you"d be lacking out ~ above a ton of system features, as its tied into the OS in many ways, including System Settings, i beg your pardon is pretty important.Overall despite if your main motive is strictly come fire up a game, then yes friend should have the ability to do this technically.
After setting it up, you have the right to launch gamings with the controller and also even navigate the eShop thanks to an update, however you won"t be able to navigate through the system settings without it so I would not think about rolling there is no one uneven Nintendo patches this.
I mainly use the agree controller as soon as playing Wii U games, and it is feasible to start the console, beginning games, and also navigate the base system menu only with the agree controller. However, in order to make any kind of purchases, adjust any settings, or otherwise navigate things roughly the system, friend would need a pro controller.
I on regular basis use just the agree Controller for my Wii U if i play that on my TV and I"ve managed just uncover up come now. I"m certain there are more than likely some gamings that could be somewhat jeopardized without a gamepad, yet I"m however to play one.As lengthy as you"ve obtained a short-lived gamepad because that the initial collection up you must be an excellent to go.Others are best about particular aspects of the console setups needing the gamepad to modify - but surely because that these rare occasions you might just borrow her brother"s one again anyway?
You can get a lot, the finest really, indigenous the Wii U there is no the gamepad. I just use it once it in reality adds substantial value like Mario Maker.The main worry is the Nintendo has shoe-horned it right into some functions like the Wii U settings. That"s why you need one.
It requirements to be available, or friend will gain stuck occasionally, such as if you accidentally triggered a wiiverse write-up or entered system settings. I"m not sure it will also boot up without the pad over there either.
I"d acquire a agree Controller together a secondary option, but details games choose Splatoon can"t function w/o the gamepad.
Sounds like more trouble than it"s precious honestly, no matter just how cheap the console-only variation you acquire is. Aside from system settings and also eshop, you"re just going to finish up irritable by gamings that a gamepad provides easier, and probably end up wanting come play some gamings that need it.
One various other thing: not a substantial deal, however sharing a GamePad in between consoles means having to go v the syncing process every time you move to a different console.

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Eh I perform not really recommend it. I wish Nintendo mounted an upgrade where the pro Controller can be offered for everything.You need the gamepad for:-System settings (this includes setup up an internet connection)-Controllers settings-Internet Browser-E-shop-All non-gaming apps like Crunchyroll and Netflix-A lot of times in-game you have actually the option of placing up a miiverse post, if you do this coincidentally you need the gamepad to also get ago to regular gameplay...after having my Wii U for a couple of years I have the right to say confidently that this will occur at least a couple times to many people.-Without the gamepad the mechanism feels type of soulless. I broke my gamepad once, mine console suffer sucked till I replaced it.Honestly i recommend you just gain the whole system (gamepad included) man. Friend can obtain it nice cheap from i hear.