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Yes yet don"t I need to compress the spring inside somehow? execute I simply use a flathead and pry which direction? :mellow:I simply don"t desire to break the spring because then the winter is useless.
Maybe this topic would certainly help? you"ll done with your worry please write here how to put off the mirror from windshield. Ns wanna change mine but afraid to cracked windshield.
I took mine to a local auto glass shop. Lock popped it turn off in a pair of minutes. I had spent means too much time trying to gain it to pop off.
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All my screwdrivers have actually too thick of a diameter after ~ the wedge to fit in there every the means to compress the spring it appears

I take it mine come a local auto glass shop. Castle popped it off in a couple of minutes. I had spent way too lot time make the efforts to obtain it to popular music off.
Did they pop it off as soon as it was in your automobile or did you have actually it out like me? My automobile just has actually the hand-operated one i m sorry is really simple to pry off for some reason; there"s no retention spring. With that stated I could run that by a glass shop anyway and see if they deserve to do it because that a couple of bucks.
I remained in the same situation with a JY mirror. Mad to acquire out as soon as is no support for the button, ns clamped the spring v a channelock to have the ability to pull that switch off - careful, it is angled and also tends to slide and scratch the ago side.For the mirror on the windshield, the screwdriver has to be bent, otherwise doesn"t fit.Luckily my original mirror didn"t have actually the spring, it just slid increase without any kind of protests.

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