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How do I remove this bolt without breaking it? I also need to understand which direction to revolve it facing the engine. I execute not have actually the battery connected and also am alone in this venture. The ultimate score is to replace the cracked time chain cover. HELP!!!
its a continual threaded lefty loosy righty other words...i had actually a difficult time too...but i provided a breaker bar and put it on the bolt and stuck the finish on the floor and took off the ignition coil wire to the distributor and also cranked it...the engines torque will loosen the bolt because that u...remember come take the end the washer too once u pull the harmonic balancer...

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It"s a 15/16" socket. It"s tight together hell. Some people have had luck with putting the breaker bar on and the end of it resting on the floor on the vehicle drivers side and also cranking the motor for a second. It will break that loose.
86 GT: Edelbrock demonstrate 289 Intake/Carb, Holley Blue fuel pump, BBK Shorty headers & X Pipe, pro 5.0 shifter, 3g alternator, electrical fan

86 GT: Edelbrock show 289 Intake/Carb, Holley Blue fuel pump, BBK Shorty headers & X Pipe, agree 5.0 shifter, 3g alternator, electric fan
Ok space you sure around that one????I simply put the auto in gear and the engine quiet rotated??? Have any other suggestions?

just tighten it
just tighten it as much as u can the torque indigenous the engine will tighten it together u drive thats why that so tough to acquire off
Put your ratchet on and also tighten as much as you can before it turns the crank, then take something with a small bit of weight like one more 1/2in ratchet and also continue to tap it tiny by little, this have to tighten that down enough to no be worried around it.

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Um...bad...bad idea
Using the engine talk to eliminate the harmonic balance bolt is more than likely not the safest idea.Use an waiting wrench.There are torque specs for the harmonic balance. Turn off the optimal of my head i think it must be torqued to roughly 70 ft/lbs, then loosen the bolt fifty percent a turn, and retorque to approx. 38 ft/lbs.You may need a bolt the is much longer than the share bolt to chair the harmonic balance top top the driveshaft due to the fact that often the harmonic balance won"t completely seat. If the won"t chair on the driveshaft, friend won"t have the ability to thread the stock bolt. Usage the much longer bolt to seat it, yet be careful not to end tighten it. Remove the much longer bolt, and also then speak the stock bolt come the proper specs.At those specs, girlfriend shouldn"t have the ability to turn the motor over if you place the infection in third or fourth gear. Girlfriend don"t need to gorilla wrench your harmonic balance on. I"m not sure about AT cars. If her engine is still transforming over, probably remove a spark plug and also jam among your cylinders up v a lengthy screwdriver.
(Don"t really do that...)I got this details from Steeda once installing UD pulleys, but don"t quote me top top the ft/lb specs...they may be slightly off.