When it concerns a low-cal snack, celery stalks have some steep competition. They’re a good conduit for healthy and balanced dips favor hummus and also nut butters and also offer a satisfying crunch. After all, that doesn’t love Ants on a Log? but let’s it is in honest, those celery strings can sometimes destroy the experience. Because that some, the celery strings might be enough of a turnoff to ditch this veggie, which is a shame because celery stalks are great source that vitamin K and certain antioxidants.

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So don’t skip the end on eating celery stalks since you don’t favor peeling celery or taking care of the celery strings. Here, food and health expert Phoebe Lapine reflects hersecret trick because that cutting celery and removing those pesky strings.

After cutting your celery stalk into an ext manageable pieces, use a basic paring knife to peel the strings turn off the celery—it’s that easy! The knifeserves to help get in ~ the strings therefore they are much easier to remove. In fact, you deserve to use the dull backside the the knife because that safety, because you won’t actually be cutting anything. With simply a couple of strokes, you’ll have actually all the significant strings off the celery, leaving girlfriend with simply full-flavored crunch that’s all set for dipping. (We prefer to think that celery as nature’s chips!)

Now the those celery strings are lengthy gone, you deserve to enjoy the crisp celery stalks within a flavorful Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla. Because that a no-stress systems for a dinner party, serve these string-less celery stalks as basic appetizer with hummus or her favorite dip.

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Bonus: her guests will absolutely appreciate your hospitality efforts when they don’t need to pick celery strings the end of their teeth.

Reviewed by: Preeti Parikh. Review date: March 7, 2017
100:00:00,240 --> 00:00:04,030Do you dislike it when you bite right into celeryand get all of those stringy bits?200:00:04,030 --> 00:00:04,860I"m Phoebe Lapine, and300:00:04,860 --> 00:00:10,400I"m gonna present you a basic techniqueto remove all those pesky strings.400:00:10,400 --> 00:00:13,887So take her celery share andjust offer it a break.500:00:13,887 --> 00:00:16,550You may need come twist itbecause of every those strings.600:00:16,550 --> 00:00:20,582And climate you have the right to see sort of a frayed edgewhere every those simply strain few of it.700:00:20,582 --> 00:00:24,430Just take a dull paring knife.800:00:24,430 --> 00:00:30,990I even use the dull finish of my knife andjust slowly get all those strains.900:00:30,990 --> 00:00:34,384Now I have some clean celerythat i can reduced into small,1000:00:34,384 --> 00:00:37,110little enhance sticks for an innovative snacking