Most the of the smaller sized Johnson outboard electric motors under 25 horsepower, specifically most that the larger models, supplied a recoil starter. The recoil starter needs the use a hand traction rope to turn the engine over fast sufficient for ignition and combustion. The traction rope recoil starter go not count on power to activate an electric starter motor, making it very efficient as soon as the motor need to be started. Due to wear and also stress, pull ropes can fray and also break, retracting within the engine cowl. This deserve to leave a boater stranded. The replacement of the traction rope needs a few steps and some straightforward tools.

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Items girlfriend will require

Boat owner"s manual

Socket set

Ratchet wrench


Nail or lengthy pin

Vice grips (if applicable)


Pull rope (braided nylon, 6 ft)


Vice grips

Place the watercraft trailer ~ above a stable, level surface for easy access to the engine. Place the motor in a proper stand if it has been eliminated from the engine. Disconnect the an adverse battery cable through a socket and wrench, if therefore equipped. Loosen and also remove the optimal engine cowl bolts through a socket and wrench. Usage a big Phillips driver if the optimal cowl bolts have actually a Phillips screw head design.

Be certain not to damage the upper cowl gasket if it has one. Wipe the gasket surface clean v a rag. Traction the top engine cowl turn off and set it aside. Use a socket and wrench come loosen and also remove the three or 4 bolts stop the recoil starter spool.

Pull the recoil starter spool up and also turn that over. If you are replacing a traction rope that has actually not damaged away indigenous the flywheel notch or pull manage then save the recoil system under pressure. Then align the 2 locking holes in the flywheel spool and the rewind coil. Location a little nail or pin v the 2 holes come immobilize the rewind coil. Usage vice grips to immobilize the rewind coil if the does not have such locking holes. Snip the handle end of the rope v scissors and also pull the rope through the flywheel prevent hole. Discard the old rope.

Wrap roughly six feet of new nylon rope around the flywheel spool, leaving sufficient rope finish to go v the cowl and attach come the pull handle. Location the recoil starter spool back on the engine. Insert the bolts right into the recoil starter spool and also tighten them with a socket and wrench. Have an assistant organize the peak cowl if you press the rope end through the overview hole in the cowl. Insert the end of the rope through the pull handle and knot the twice.

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Pull out the nail from the flywheel spool and also rewind coil, letting the feather pressurize. Eliminate the vice grips if you have used this method. Align the cowl earlier on the peak of the engine. Insert the cowl bolts and also tighten them v a socket and also wrench, or through a Phillips screwdriver. Reconnect the negative battery cable, if you have actually removed one.

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