Kiswahili is a beautiful free-flowing language that is the most talked language in east Africa. Swahili is the key language in Tanzania, Kenya, parts of Uganda & components of the Congo, amongst lots of other pockets. Us feel the it is necessary that you find out at least the basics prior to you arrive in this region for a Tanzania Safari or beach Holiday. Although many Swahili people have a an excellent grasp that English, and other europe languages, the is both polite & more secure if you recognize some an easy Kiswahili. So right here are necessary Swahili words and phrases come learn before your Safari Adventure.

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This is no a particularly essential indigenous or phrase, but it is a great one come play around with while on safari. The phrase Angalia means to watch or to see- because that instance, you deserve to use it come say- Angalia Simba which means ‘Look, over there is a Lion’. It is rather a cool one come use v each various other to acquire to grips v the language and will aid you find out the Swahili for the Safari Animals.

Goodbye/See girlfriend Later/Goodnight In Swahili

What far better way to end up off the blog post than to learn exactly how to to speak goodbye in Swahili. I have put all 3 phrases together due to the fact that they space all handy. Firstly, come say goodnight quite simple one; it is Lala Salama which literally converts to sleep (lala) peacefully (Salama). It takes its roots is in Arabic native the Ottoman ascendancy in the 18th century.

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Finally, similar to in English, there space two means of saying goodbye in Swahili. Tutaonana Baadye (tu-ta-oh-nana Ba-die) can mean ‘Goodbye for now’ or see You Later’ i beg your pardon is deserve to be supplied when you room leaving somebody and you will understand you will watch them again. To say good-bye in Swahili for a longer period or forever is Kwa Heri (as it reads). That is what you will certainly say in ~ the airport to your guide- a sad goodbye.

Thank girlfriend for reading the blog – Swahili is a beautiful language and also is really fun to learn. Our partnered guides are excellent teachers and will surely help you on her way!