Please remember that correct spelling and capitalization room mandatory top top this site, welcome to the forum:) - 00494d19, JUL 4, 2011

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Did you eat = Comiste?

Have you eaten = has comido?

Were you eat = Estabas comiendo?


In the southern USA, the phrase might be shortened come "jeet?"

Yes, but we would say, "Jeet yet"? rather than "Jeet already?" and of course, jeet is no a word at all in any type of dictionary, yet is a phonetic pronunciation of the means we might say "did you eat". Jeet. - Goyo, JUL 4, 2011

Hello Akieko and Welcome to the forum

You wouldn"t to speak in English; "" Did friend eat already?"" (This is not grammataically correct and also sounds weird also though natives speakers would understand you) but, have you currently eaten?

"Have you currently eaten?""

=""¿Ya has comido?""

I expect this helps


I'm sorry Feliz - "Did you eat already?" is gramatically correct, even if the adverb would be far better placed prior to the verb. "Did you currently eat?" totally correct. Further, I'm not certain why you say it sound wierd - I find it quite normal. - Jeremias, JUL 4, 2011
it sounds rather normal come me too. Feliz you should be absolutely sure that you are right before you correct various other people's English. - billygoat, JUL 4, 2011
English has actually many local conventions, therefore "Did you eat already" can sound not correct to part who room unaware the it's typical elsewhere. This happens all the time. Ns wouldn't reprimand Feliz, but rather enjoy that we have the right to have multiple views on every question! :) - pesta, JUL 4, 2011
Guitar they are more than likely both exactly in American English but In English native England we would certainly be much an ext likley to use the word currently in combination with the present perfect : have actually you already eaten? - FELIZ77, JUL 4, 2011
Regional usage aside, there to be no grammar impropriety. God save the Queen! Feliz, de donde eres? - Jeremias, JUL 4, 2011
It's really really informal, but it's known and also understood together probably. Just beware of utilizing it, since it's yes, really only offered by tweens that haven't been with the education system yet. - redstone, may 5, 2013

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