Traditionally in Italy, people have four meals a day: colazione (breakfast), pranzo (lunch), merenda (afternoon snack) and cena (dinner or supper).

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IPA: /’tʃ

By adding the suffix -one top top the end of cena (feminine, plural: cene), you get the indigenous cenone definition big supper. Cenare is the verb definition to have supper or to dine conversely, dinnertime converts as ora di cena.

Stasera torno a casa percenare conla famiglia.

Tonight I’m going house to have actually dinner through the family.


If you want to say that the dinner is ready, you have the right to say la cena è pronta, or è pronto in tavola (lit. it’s prepared on the table). Come you children you can additionally call the end A tavola!

Below space some useful verbs you could use in conjunction v cena:

preparare la cena = prepare dinnerorganizzare una cena = organise a dinner (party)invitare (qualcuno) a cena = invite (someone) come dinnerportare (qualcuno) a cena = take it (someone) the end to dinnerservire la cena = to serve dinner

Ho cominciato a preparare la cena alle 5.

I began preparing the dinner in ~ 5 o’clock.

The native apericena is a portmanteau that the native aperitivo (drinks and nibbles) and also cena. Vice versa, aperitivi traditionally covers a drink along with a few olives and nuts, apericene space a suitable replacement because that dinner as result of the amount of food ~ above offer. Because they are so cheap – usually around €10 for a decent enjoy the meal or buffet and a drink – they are exceptionally popular amongst university student on a budget.

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