Or possibly you spent years learning French at school and also don’t psychic a thing, however you’re prepared to give it an additional shot.

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Whatever her case, with the best approach, attitude and determination,becoming expert in French is absolutely in ~ reach. There will be obstacles, yet staying hopeful and setup a serious goal for yourself will aid the process.

Being expert in any language is a challenge, but the job you space able to express you yourself effortlessly through a indigenous speaker usingcorrect grammar, an excellent pronunciation, smooth articulation and also a wide selection of vocabulary, you have actually successfully become fluent.

To keep you headedin the appropriate direction, we’ve put togetherfive actions for you to follow in order to end up being fluent in French.Consider this her fluency compass that you can carry roughly in your pocket and also keep referring ago to along the way.

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How to Speak French Fluently: A 5-step method to save You top top Track

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1. Get ago to the Classroom

You haven’t excellent homework in years, however getting back to the classroom could beyour finest option to begin the process. This is the most vital step, since here girlfriend will learn everything vital for the actions to follow.

Because of technology, there room online possibilities the you could explore, however being in a classroom v an yes, really teacherto price questions and also other classmates with whom you deserve to share the experienceis best.

Especially if you have never learned (or forgotten) the basics that French, human interaction will really advance your finding out process. If you have actually a strong discipline and also are able to repetitively follow your process online and do your daily homework, you can potentially succeed via internet. Beware the completing one assignment or a ar online doesn’talways typical that you’ve understood—you know yourself, make the right decision from the beginning.

Learning the correct vocabulary, grammar and conjugation, is vital to prospering in gift fluent. Girlfriend will additionally learn pronunciation, i beg your pardon in the end will be her ticket come passing because that a true French native. You will need every one of these skills for the rest of her days as a French speaker. Take it this action seriously and make sure you are totally prepared to invest thetime crucial to succeed.

Availability ofFrench process really different by location, so here are some concepts to aid you discover one much more easily:

Your local university/collegeContinuing studies programsLanguage schoolsImmersion schools/camps

2. Immerse Yourself using All the Media Tools roughly You

Got a smartphone? Download apps.

Got a computer?Watch the French newsorTV showsand download French music.

Using YouTube can additionally be among the vital steps towards French fluency. But, the contents that you’re absorbing must be native, educational and also entertaining!

To get you started, check out this great video breaking down all the an essential French great to be learned native an onstage performance of comedian Gad Elmaleh. You’ll learn all about French tenses, French comedy, building questions in French and also much, lot more.

Start by subscribing come the snucongo.org French channel to stay up to day with all the latest native French media while learning exactly how to usage it for your native French discovering benefit!

Now that you have learned French at its most proper kind in the classroom and also are maybe to put together sentences, conjugate a verb and say “Où est la bibliothèque?” (Where is the library?), it’s time for phase two, which is the full immersion step. Throughout this time you will certainly vacuum up as much French society and language together possible.

Online French immersion through snucongo.org

An incredible method to fully immerse yourself in French is withsnucongo.org.

snucongo.org takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and also inspiring talks—and transforms them right into personalized language learning lessons.

You deserve to browse videosby an obstacle (beginner to native), topic (arts and entertainment, health and also lifestyle, etc.) andformat (video blog, news,shows, etc.).

snucongo.org is designed to get you comfortablewith everyday Frenchby combining every the benefits of finish immersion and native-level conversations v easy-to-read subtitles.

French TV shows

From soap operas to game shows, watching French TV will provide youa good grip top top common spoken French. You could even have the ability to pick increase a couple of fun expressions.While this finish guide come watching French TV online has tons of alternatives for you, here are some of my an individual favorites:

French music immersion

Are youa fan of music who constantly listens to the brand-new up-and-coming artists? discover a French artist that finest suits her style and make yourself a playlist come play at all times—or at the very least a an excellent chunk that time.

Find what suits you and also start listening to French artists in her car, while running or food preparation dinner. The an ext you submerge yourself in it, the better.

3. Sign up with a French Conversation Group

Okay. You’ve made the this far, for this reason we have some great news because that you: from here on the end it just gets simpler and this is wherein the funny begins. Currently that your French has reached a great level, it’s time to put it come the test. The only method to truly recognize what level you have acquired is to speak and converse.

Find a team where French natives and students convene. Doing for this reason will aid you assess how far you’ve gained in your learning. This step regularly brings outfear in people, but you’ve gotta perform it.Conquer your fears!

Once you begin attending a continuous French conversation group, you’ll realize you had actually nothing to be afraid of in the very first place. You’ll probably even make some new friends. Plus, this is going come skyrocket your French speak skills, which can only be learned v this form of practice.

So sign up with a group, talk to together many people as possible, watch how far you deserve to take a conversation, engage and listen. Simply know that the various other attendees space either in the same boat as you, or were at some point, therefore they’re there to help. It should be friendly and also fun.

Here are a couple of options to find a team near you:

French Tables:
Lots that cities and universities roughly the human being have a weekly or monthly French table that enables students and natives to sign up with over drinks, potlucks or group tasks tospeak French. Research study what’s easily accessible in her town and don’t waste any kind of time. Gospeak French!Alliance Française: Another an excellent option is exploring the occasions calendar fromyour local Alliance Française. Besides French courses, you’ll uncover fun events throughout the year, indigenous storytelling and also book clubs to nights top top the town.

4. Day a French human (or uncover a French Friend)

Having any kind of relationship with a aboriginal (especially if castle have negative English) will certainly be your ideal tool to placed your hard work to the test. You’ll only have actually yourself and your recently gained an abilities to fall back on.

Conversing through a indigenous speaker will likewise be a great way for you to uncover conversational French. The fluidity and phrasal contractions will be a challengingbut exciting step in her learning.

Of course, if date is not an option, seek out someone that is ready to take some time to fulfill with you as soon as or double a week over coffee and also simply talk through you in French. Prepare numerous topics that interest the both of you, invest time in conversation and also don’t forget to ask questions.You might consider this a “lesson” and offer to pay a reasonable rate for the meetings.

Orif it’s a language exchange the you desire, here’s just how you can discover a partner—online or in person.

Forge ahead; you’re just a step away.

5. Move to or take a pilgrimage to a French-speaking Country

Congratulations! If you room seriously considering relocating to France (or at the very least visiting and spending time in a French-speaking country) you must be an ext than all set after following the vault steps.

Remember, France is no the just option! There room plenty of other nations that speak French together a first language, so discover out i beg your pardon ones are most easily accessible to you and also immerse yourself.

If friend really want to perform this (hooray!), know that over there will never be “the perfect time” come go. So you just need toset a to save goal, buy your ticket and also commit. It will be so precious it, we promise!

Should you want to spenda lengthier time in France, for example, below are a couple of ideas of just how to do so legally and also economically:

Work together an au pair, which usually means free room and board, add to a usual weekly stipend

Here space a couple of more tips because that making the most out of her time in a French-speaking country:

Research the culture

Make sure to research theculture of wherever it is you’re going, so the you know just how to be respectful in her actions, words and also attire. You’ll more than likely have gained some an excellent ideas the what to intend while following steps 3 and 4, so you shouldn’t be fully surprised as soon as thrown in the tornado that things.

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Make friendswho speakFrench

This sounds fairly obvious, however when you’re in a foreign environment, it’s an extremely easy—almost a natural tendency—to look for out (subconsciously) peoplein similarsituations as yourself. So avoidmaking too many of indigenous English-speaking friends, due to the fact that hey, we have the right to speak English in ~ home, right?

This couldbe a complicated task, but if you are 100% determined to proceed your fluency journey, spending many of your time with indigenous French speaker is for sure essential. Oh, and you can’t simply sit there and listen to their gorgeous French voices—you’ve gotta speak, too!

Get a French-speaking roommate

One method to help with the previous pointer is come purposefullyfind an apartment through a aboriginal French speaker. This is another an excellent way to force yourself to speak French every day. You’ll acquire much an ext comfortable speaking, plusyou’ll most likely make a friend in the process!

Enjoy her Journey in the direction of Fluency

Learning a new language is exciting. You’ll acquire brand-new skills follow me the way, yet most importantly people will speak to you bilingual.Make the fun, it is in committed and look forward to waking up in Paris through a delicious croissant and café au laitwhile reading Le Mondeand listening to Stromae.

Determination is the crucial to discovering French. But you’ve already made up her mind and also you’re all in, right? So then follow these 5 steps seriously and you’ll succeed. Collection a major goal and be realistic. An excellent luck!

Download: This blog post is easily accessible as a convenient and portable PDF the youcan take it anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)