Want to know exactly how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Bulgarian? you’re in the ideal place. 

It’s always nice to wish someone a happy date of birth on their unique day yet why not carry out it in a language that way something come them.As well together wishing her loved one a happy birthday in Bulgarian, why not also sing the Bulgarian variation of the happy birthday song!You could additionally get your loved one a Bulgarian date of birth Card. This will certainly make your day! 

How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Bulgarian

To wish someone a happy birthday in Bulgarian, you have the right to say:EnglishBulgarianPronunciationHappy birthdayЧестит Рожден денChestit rojden den
To hear the pronunciation of this phrase, examine out the listed below video. Skip to 0:46 for ‘happy birthday’:
Alternatively, you can additionally use some of these phrases:

EnglishBulgarianPronunciationHappy date of birth to youЧестит рожден ден на тебChestit Rojden den na tebHave a pretty dayПриятен денPriyaten denHappy belated birthdayЧестит Рожден ден на патерицаChestit rojden den na pateritzaCongratulations ПоздравленияPozdrav-leniya

If you’re speaking to someone one-of-a-kind then you’ll want to know just how to to speak I love girlfriend in Bulgarian.

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How To sing Happy date of birth In Bulgarian

If you desire to go the extra mile for your loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday song in Bulgarian. You’ll be happy to recognize it’s the exact same tune together the English version, they just sing it in Bulgarian.Check out the video below come hear the Bulgarian date of birth song. I’ve detailed the lyrics below so you can sing along.
Here’s the text so you have the right to sing along:“Честит рожден ден на тебЧестит рожден ден на тебЧестит рожден ден на теб *name*Честит рожден ден на теб”

This is express as:“Chestit rojden den na tebChestit rojden den na tebChestit rojden den na teb *name*Chestit rojden den na teb”This equates to:“Happy birthday to you!Happy date of birth to you!Happy date of birth to friend *name*Happy date of birth to you!”

Thanks for reading this short article on just how to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Bulgarian. It’s a an excellent idea to do the effort to learn how to speak this in someone’s native language or a language that means something come them.Your love one or friend will certainly be for this reason impressed!Related posts:

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