Saying ‘I love you’ can be both scary and also exciting and also even an ext so in a brand-new language!If you want to know how to to speak ‘I love you’ and other romantic paragraph in Pashto, then review on.

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As Pashto is created in it’s very own script, I’ve had what the pronunciation would certainly be favor using English letters.We recommend the Pimsleur an approach to start speaking Pashto TODAY. Click here, or the button listed below to acquire your complimentary 7day trial for Pashto.

How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Pashto

To phone call someone that you love lock in Pashto, say either:

I love youZa ta sara meena laramI love youZa ta sara meena kawam

The over phrases both average ‘I love you’ and can be provided interchangeably. Check out this video clip (YouTube) to hear the pronunciation of ‘I love you’ by a indigenous Pashto speaker.

Romantic unit volume in Pashto

Try these other romantic phrases also including just how to speak ‘I miss out on you’ in Pashto.I prefer youTa zama khwakh yeI miss youTa ma ta der yadegyMy beloved, mine loveJaanaanaI am in love with youZu pa ta mayan yamaI love girlfriend so muchZa tasa dera meena kawamI miss you for this reason muchZa ta der yadawomYou room my lifeTa zama jwand yeYou room beautifulTa der khaista khkareYou are great lookingTe khaista yeMy heartZarrgiyaSweetheartShirinaI love girlfriend tooZa ham mina darsara laramWill girlfriend marry me?Aya masara wada kawii?
Another term of endearment friend will frequently hear in Pashto is ‘da zrra qarara’ i beg your pardon literally method ‘the solace of my heart’. Try this through someone girlfriend love. In means something along the lines of ‘with you, my love is in ~ ease’. 

Check the end the below video clip to hear the together of few of these phrases:
These phrases need to come in handy whether you’ve gained a love interest from Pakistan or Afghanistan or whether you’re just visiting and also want to be prepared. Why not also learn how to say ‘how space you?’ in Pashto? You’ll need this important phrase in lots of various situations.Related Posts

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