Some world in Denmark give and receive extra development presents top top the four Sundays of Advent.

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Different types of development candles and also calendars are well-known in Denmark. A Kalenderlys (calendar-candle) is an development candle and most civilization have one of these varieties of candles. A Pakkekalender (gift calendar) is also a fun way to countdown to Christmas Eve. There are 24 small gifts for the youngsters in the calendar, one for each day till Christmas Eve.

Julekalender (christmas calendar) is a television collection with 24 episodes. One illustration is presented each job in December with the critical one gift aired ~ above Christmas Eve. The first Julekalender was displayed on TV in Denmark in 1962. The two key Danish TV networks DR and also TV2 both show various versions the Julekalender each year. The template of the stories in the Julekalender typically follow a comparable storyline, with someone trying to destroy Christmas and the main characters saving Christmas!

As well as the TV series, both DR and also TV2 produce paper advent calendar to go together with the stories! DR is the earliest TV channel in Denmark and it"s file calendar is called Børnenes U-landskalender (Children"s U-Country Calendar) (goes to an additional site). It"s to be making the calendars for over 50 years and also profits native the sale of the calendar walk to aid poor youngsters in a developing country. The calendar make by TV2 is referred to as julekalender and also profits from that calendar go to assist Julemærkefonden, a children"s charity in Denmark.

You can likewise support Julemærkefonden when you send Christmas Cards in Denmark. Yearly a set of Christmas stamps/stickers/seals referred to as julemærket are offered in December to help raise money because that the charity. You usage a typical postage stamp as well, the julemærket stickers just make the write-up look much more Christmassy! You can out more about julemærket on https://www.julemaerket.dk (goes to one more site)

Christmas parties are hosted from 1st November come 24th December wherein everyone has a an excellent time! make cakes and biscuits is well-known in the time prior to Christmas. Gingerbread cookies and vanilla ones are frequently favorites.

In Denmark most world go come a Church organization on Christmas Eve about 4.00pm to hear the Christmas sermon or talk. It"s likewise an old, traditional custom to give animals a law on Christmas Eve, so some civilization go for a walk in the park or woods and also they could take some food to give the animals and also birds. Friend might likewise go for a to walk to provide you one appetite for the Christmas meal!


When they obtain home the main Christmas enjoy the meal is eaten between 6.00pm and also 8.00pm. It"s offered on a beautifully decorated table. Popular Christmas foods include roast duck, goose or pork. Castle are offered with boiled and sweet potatoes, red cabbage, beetroot and also cranberry jam/sauce.

Most households have a "ris á la mande" (a special type of rice pudding, make of milk, rice, vanilla, almonds and also whipped cream) because that dessert. All yet one the the almonds space chopped into pieces. The human being who finds the whole almond it s okay a existing called a Mandelgave (almond present). Traditionally the little present to be a marzipan pig! now a marzipan pig is still occasionally given, but it"s also often something prefer sweets or a small toy.

After the meal the lamp on the Christmas Tree are lit, world might dance around the tree and sing carols. Climate it"s time for human being to open up their presents. The Christmas tree typically has a gold or silver- star ~ above the top and also often has silver "fairy hair" on the to make it glitter.

On Christmas day world meet v their family and also have a big lunch in addition to danish open-faced sandwiches ~ above rye-bread.

In Denmark, children think that their presents are brought by the "Julemanden" (which method "Christmas Man" or "Yule Man"). That looks very comparable to Santa Claus and likewise travels through a sleigh and also reindeer. He resides in Greenland, likes rice pudding and also is assisted by "nisser" i m sorry are like elves.

St. Lucia"s job (or St. Lucy"s Day) is additionally celebrated ~ above December 13th, return it"s much more famous because that being celebrated in Denmark"s neighbor, Sweden.

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In Danish Happy/Merry Christmas is "Glædelig Jul". Happy/Merry Christmas in lots an ext languages.