You’re in love with that gorgeous Latina… but, exactly how do you praise her, so you can tell her that she’s a beautiful mrs in Spanish?

Most men like to express exactly how much they appreciate women’s beauty, and also women usually like their couples to do that. 

The translation for that would certainly be “Eres una mujer hermosa”.

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If you’re feather for more phrases come say: You’re a beautiful mrs in Spanish,then you’ve involved the appropriate place.

But, how can you diversify her vocabulary, and go past that one phrase?

This short article will go v 23 different ways come say beautiful mrs in Spanish so friend can show your girl just how much you love her and also how beautiful she is to you.

Let’s acquire started!

#1 Hermosa

Yes, this word way beautiful, however what if girlfriend mix it up v a couple of an ext interesting end romantic words? like this:

Eres supremamente hermosa:You space supremely beautifulTú eres impresionantemente hermosa:Yours breathtakingly beautifulEres la mujer más hermosa de todas:you space the most beautiful woman of all

That would be way far better than if he simply calls her “beautiful woman” in Spanish.

And friend know… You must be much more poetic, you should put your heart come the compliment that you’re about to say.

Actually, if she’s exceptionally beautiful in your eyes, climate you might say…

#2 Preciosa

This is just a synonym that “Hermosa”, however it adds a little more intensity to she beauty.

How can you use it?

Replace “hermosa” v “preciosa” in the examples that I provided you previously, or friend might also use any type of of this phrases:

Eres preciosa:You’re precious.Tienes los ojos más preciosos que he visto:You have actually the many precious yes I have actually seen in my life.Eres una mujer preciosísima:You’re an extremely precious.

Another way to speak beautiful mrs in Spanish is using the word:

#3 Bella


#7 Agraciada

This word is the least intense ~ above this list. If we translate it, we’ll get something favor “to have grace” or “to it is in graceful”.

If a native speaker supplies this word to describe the beauty, beauty of a woman in Spanish, that method that he finds her a little ugly, however there’s something around her that renders her a little pretty too.

Some example phrases:

No me gusta Tatiana, ella es agraciada, pero no me convence:I don’t favor Tatiana, she has actually some grace, however she doesn’t to convince me.No digo que Camila sea fea, solo digo que es agraciada. Nada más:I’m not saying Camila is ugly, I’m just saying she has some grace. Nothing else.Ella es agraciada, pero tiene algo extraño en su rostro:She has actually some grace, yet there’s miscellaneous odd in her face.

#8 Atractiva

I would certainly say this is the most formal way to call a mrs beautiful in Spanish, it way “attractive”.

Heck, it also sounds officially in English!

I’m sure you don’t want to contact your to like this way.

You don’t desire her to think the she doesn’t reason such a substantial impact ~ above you, perform you?… right here are part examples:

María es una mujer exitosa, elegante y atractiva: María is a successful, an elaborate and attractive woman.Mi tía se ve muy atractiva esta noche, espero que su esposo también luzca bien: My aunt looks an extremely attractive tonight, ns hope she husband looks an excellent too.Tengo una amiga muy atractiva que me gustaría presentarte:  I have a very attractive friend the I’d like you come meet.

#8 Estar divina

“Divina” method “divine”, and if you’re religious, or girlfriend know just how much value religious people give to divine things, then you probably obtain it:

If a girl watch “divina”, that method that she’s looking very beautiful.

People usage this phrase particularly when a woman pays one-of-a-kind attention to she grooming.

Just imagine the you’re provided to seeing her sister wearing ugly clothes, no makeup, and also being dirty all the time.

One work she decides to change all that that and also she i do not care the opposite: She looks, and smells an excellent now.

If that happens, someone may tell she “Estás divina”.

Some example phrases:

Hoy es el inside wall día de escuela de mi hija. Tiene el uniforme de la escuela y está divina: Today is my daughter’s first day that school. She’s obtained the institution uniform, and also she watch beautiful.Mi bebé se ve divina con la ropa que mi papá le regaló: My infant looks beautiful with the clothes my dad provided her.Mamá, ¡estás divina! ¿vas a salir con alguien?: Mom, friend look beautiful! room you walk on a date with part one? 

#9 Chula

People from central América usage this word as slang to describe a beautiful girl.

Here space some examples:

Te ves súper chula, estoy seguro que tu novio se va a enamorar más de ti:You look really beautiful, I’m certain your friend is going come fall an ext in love with you.¿De verdad eres tú? ¡Te ves muy chula!:Is the really you? girlfriend Look beautiful!Si te pones ese vestido, vas a ser la más chula de la fiesta:If friend wear the dress, you’re walk to it is in the most beautiful girl at the party.

All of the 9 native we’ve extended so much are adjective to explain a beautiful woman in Spanish. 

These words might even be provided on males too, or even for points or animals.

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We’ll go currently through part phrases people use to compliment a girl due to the fact that of she beauty.

#10 Ser una belleza

The native “Belleza” translates Beauty into English, for this reason if you usage this expression to praise a woman, you’re not simply calling she beautiful, you’re speak that she is “the beauty”.

I don’t know about you, yet this sounds favor you really choose that lady. Here are some examples:

No puedo creer lo que veo, eres una belleza:I can’t think my eyes you are a beauty.Cuando la veo no puedo pensar, ella es toda una belleza:When I see her i can’t think, she’ s a beauty.Mi esposa es la mujer más hermosa del mundo, es una belleza completa:My mam is the most beautiful mrs in the world, she ‘s a complete Beauty.

#11 Ser una preciosidad

Another alternative is calling the woman “una preciosidad”.

With this phrase, you’re not just saying the she’s precious, or gorgeous. What it means is that she’s for sure beautiful in your eyes, she’s “The precious”.

In various other words, this phrase communicates that the perfect meaning for gorgeous is the mrs you’re praising.

Todo me gusta de ti: tu cara, tu cuerpo, tu personalidad, eres una preciosidad: I like everything around you: her face, her body, her personality, you are precious.¿Estás hablando de la prima de Alberto? ¡Esa chica es una preciosidad!: Are girlfriend talking around Alberto’s cousin? the girl is a precious!¿Por qué miras a otras chicas si tienes a una preciosidad al frente?: Why perform you look at various other girls if you have such a beauty, beauty in prior of you?

#12 Mamacita/Mamazota

Both of these words room slang, and also they typical beautiful mrs in Spanish.

Men usage it to define a girl that looks yes, really good.

A item of advice: Don’t use it on weird women, it could be annoying or even offending. 

Most Spanish-speaking females feel uncomfortable once strangers compliment them.

But if you’re married, or if you’re dating a indigenous speaker, she’ll most likely appreciate you praising her about how good she look at today.

Some examples:

Jessica Alba es una mamacita:Jessica alba is beautiful.Te ves muy bien, ¡mamazota!:You look an extremely good, beautiful!Mi esposa es toda una mamacita:My mam is for this reason beautiful.

#13 ¡Qué mami!

I’m not sure around other countries, but I listen this phrase a lot of in Colombia.

To offer you an example of how to use it, let’s imagine your girlfriend is about to go the end on a day with you, she security 2 hours acquiring ready and putting a lot of initiative into she grooming.

When she comes the end of the room, she look at amazingly beautiful. If you desire to prayer her, you might say:

Wow, ¡qué mami!:What a beautiful woman.Te ves genial. Eres toda una mami hoy:You look at great. You’re therefore beautiful today.Uy, ¡Qué mami!

#14 Es sensual

This expression is used only to explain a sensual woman.

You know, a sensual human is someone who doesn’t necessarily need a pretty face or a perfect body to it is in pretty. 

A woman could be sensual depending upon what she wears, how she talks, or how she acts.

It’s difficult to specify what sensual is really because beauty is something therefore relative.

Here space some instances with this expression though:

Si quieres participar en esta obra de teatro, tienes que ser más sensual, tienes que usar ropa diferente:If you desire to it is in in this play, you need to be an ext sensual, you have to wear other different.Ella es muy sensual, su mirada, su forma de hablar y su ropa, es hermosa:She is very sensual, her look, the method she talks, and also her clothes. She’s beautiful.Cariño, dare ves muy sensual el día de hoy:Darling friend look really sensual today.

#15 Es sexy


This method hot, hottie or sexy.

You might use to describe a man too, but because we’re talking around women, right here are a pair of instances in i beg your pardon we’re saying that a mrs is sexy, or hot:

Mi amigo dice que la actriz más sexy de Hollywood es Margot Robbie:My friend claims that the sexiest hollwood actress is Margot Robbie.Tu mamá se ve super sexy hoy, ¿ella está saliendo con alguien en este momento?:Your mommy looks super sexy today, is she date someone ideal now?Tu tia es una mujer joven y sexy, ella merece conocer a alguien que la valore:Your aunt is a young and sexy woman, she deserves to fulfill someone who worths her.

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#16 Es todo un bombón

If you describe a mrs to it is in “todo un bombón”, what you’re in reality saying is that she is exciting beautiful.


Because the word “bombón” means lollipop, i m sorry is a type of sweet liquid that world usually gain a lot.

Here are a pair of examples:

Para mí mi esposa es la más hermosa de todas, ella es todo un bombón:For me, my wife is the many beautiful of all, she’s delightfuly beautiful.Cuando conocí a tu abuela, ella tenía 20 años, era todo un bombón:When ns met your grandma, she to be 20, she was delightfuly beautiful.Anoche through a Laura, llevaba un vestido rojo. Era todo un bombón:I saw Laura last night, she had a red dress. She was extremely beautiful.

#17 Es un churro

This phrase is a sports of the vault one, however in this one, we’re to compare a human being with a “churro”, i beg your pardon is part a kind of supervisor sweetened, and full of sugar bread.

Yes, I know it sounds strange, yet that’s how people say beautiful woman in Spanish.

And you know how addictive sweet stuff is for united state humans, right? (I’m guilty that sugar addiction too).

So, since most human being love sweet things, then they to compare good-looking people with sweet foods, like churros!

Some examples:

Manuela entró al gimnacion y ahora es todo un churro:Manuela joined the gym and also she’s so hot now.Cuando María se pone maquillaje se vuelve un churro:When María puts make up on, she looks so hot.No car dejes engañar, hay muchas chicas que aparentan ser un churro, pero solo son sus fotos en instagram:Don’t let you yourself be fooled, there’s numerous girls that look hot, however it’s just their instagram pictures.

#18 ¿Quién pidió pollo?

This is a saying in Spanish, and again, it’s an additional comparison v food.

This time we’re talking about chicken, because… who doesn’t prefer chicken, right?

KFC to know that, and also Spanish aboriginal speakers too, and also that’s why they litter this question when a woman has actually a great body.

It’s type of a classic and silly joke amongst Spanish speakers.

What concerns a indigenous speaker’s mental is some kind of mental photo of him emotion hungry, and also unexpectedly gaining chicken because that lunch and also happily saying:

“¿Quién pidió pollo?”

 I know, it’s a weird comparison, however people say that, and also they execute it a lot.

For instance:

Wow, ¿quién pidió pollo?… no puedo creer lo bien que te ve es luego de 6 meses en el gimnasio.Ana, ¿quién pidió pollo?… Francisco se va a volver loco cuando car vea esta noche.

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#19 Tiene lo suyo

If someone states this phrase to explain a girl, it way that she could not it is in the prettiest, however she has actually a nice body.

Also, the mrs being explained may not have actually the perfect body, but perhaps the human being who’s describing she is referring to some component of she body that he finds attractive. 

In other words, he’s saying: “she’s gained something” (her body). 

For example.

No sé, la primera vez que through a Sofía, no me pareció linda, pero luego vi que tiene lo suyo: ns don’t know, the very first time I witnessed Sofía, she didn’t watch cute come me, however then I observed that she’s acquired something.Paula no es muy sociable, ni es la más hermosa, pero tiene lo suyo: Paula isn’t very sociable no one the most beautiful, however she’s got something.

#20 Está buena

This expression focuses exclusively on the body of a woman.

If someone provides this phrase, that way that he or she find the body of a woman an extremely attractive.

Avoid utilizing this phrase or any of the phrases that explain the human body of a mrs if friend don’t have romantic intentions v the girl you’re talking about, otherwise, you could give the wrong impression, and you could even sound masculine chauvinist.

For example:

Esa mujer está buenísima.Natalia está buena, tiene un cuerpo muy bonito.

If you want it come sound properyour finest shot is come go through the 9 first options from this list.

But if you have actually a committed connection with space for praising and humor, walk ahead and use this

and the coming phrases.

Of course, constantly watch her tone.

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#21 Es una cosota

This phrase might be translated as “she is such a big thing”, or “she’s such a large deal”.