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If a doctor was see a patient again and wanted to say:

Nice to see you again!

How would he speak so in snucongo.org?



exactly how confusing. I've been taught in Mexico " que gusto dare verte". Occasionally it's so daunting to recognize what is exactly in the area i m sorry you room speaking

There are different ways come express the exact same salutation in snucongo.org:

¡Qué bueno verte (de nuevo)!

¡Qué gusto verte (de nuevo)!

¡Me alegro de verte (de nuevo)!

¡Me alegro de (volver a) verte!



Given the paper definition of your targeted sentence, "Nice to view you again".. I, as a indigenous speaker of English, know this to be subtle. Because that instance,

"You watch nice"----- vs -----"You look great"

The meaning of pretty will describe that part.

So, my immediate idea for a translate into of "nice to watch you again" would certainly be.

Bueno verte de nuevo

It"s no great, it"s no stupdenous, it"s simply good, it"s nice, like the feeling of sleeping on a clean bed v clean sheets.

¡Qué bueno verte (de nuevo)!

which was given by alonso.torres is around the finest translation I can think of.

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In Mexico, it is also used:

Me da gusto verte

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Colombia, in reality there is a tendency or a zeitgeist to say:

¡Me encantó verte!

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In my experience, people often usage "Qué bueno" in this situation.

If that is an larger adult, or who you want to it is in formal with:

Qué bueno verle de nuevo.


Qué bueno verle otra vez.

If the is a friend, or a less formal situation then:

Qué bueno verte de nuevo


Qué bueno verte otra vez.

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You deserve to say:

¡Me alegro de verte de nuevo!

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