Saying the surname Santa Claus conjures picture of a jolly, generous male who delivers presents to an excellent girls and boys. The heart of Santa Claus might be close to universal, though the details differ a little in part places, and the surname isn’t the same everywhere. There are a variety of other names for Santa Claus, including numerous Santa Claus name in various languages. Find 20 names for Santa Claus roughly the world.

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Father Christmas (England)

The name Father Christmas is typically used in England and the remainder of the united kingdom (UK). Father Christmas access time on Christmas Eve, pass presents and filling stockings. It’s tradition for UK family members to leaving Father Christmas a mince pie come snack on along with some whiskey come drink.

Hoteiosho (Japan)

In Japan, Hoteiosho is just one of the names offered to their identical of Santa Claus. The other is Santa Kurohsu. Hoteiosho is shown as a buddhist monk that behaves in countless ways prefer Santa Claus, specifically in the he has actually a large belly and also goes from residence to house leaving playthings for children. Japanese folklore states Hoteiosho and also Santa Kurohsu have eye in the back of their heads therefore they have the right to see clearly how kids are behaving.

Jólasveinar (Iceland)

Jólasveinar is the team name because that the 13 Santa-like figures in Iceland. Described as the Christmas boys or Yule lads, these gents re-superstructure the obligation of visiting residences throughout Iceland end the 13 days that precede Christmas, leave behind secret gifts because that well-behaved children in every home.The Jólasveinar room trolls, therefore they additionally engage in mischief.

Joulupukki (Finland)

In Finland, Santa Claus walk by the surname Joulupukki, which equates to Christmas goat, Christmas buck or billy goat. Joulupukki visits dwellings to distribute gift to children, yet doesn’t execute it in secret. Instead, Joulupukki knocks top top the prior door or ring the doorbell to signal his arrival. Households often serenade him v Christmas carols. He travel by a reindeer-pulled sleigh, yet his reindeer nothing fly.

Julenissen (Norway)

In Norway, Santa Claus is dubbed Julenissen. Scandanavian folklore includes nisse or julenisse, i beg your pardon are little gnome-like creatures that space sometimes defined as hobgoblins or spirits. They are mischievous, however benevolent and are stated to lug luck and also prosperity as long as the family members they visit save them happy. Castle are said to bring special gifts to kids throughout Norway at Christmastime. This tradition resulted in Santa Claus being named Julenissen in Norway.

Kanakaloka (Hawaii)

Kanakaloka is the Hawaiian language word because that Santa Claus. Hawaii isn’t the finest place to take trip by sleigh attract a heavy hair suit, therefore Kanakaloka does things a bit in different ways than Santa Claus. He travel via a canoe v outriggers quite than in a sleigh. While he is sometimes portrayed in traditional Santa red, he is often outfitted in a Hawaiian shirt paired v shorts.


Noel Baba (Turkey)

While Turkey is a Muslim country where Christmas is no celebrated, there is still a Santa Claus tantamount there. After every Antalya, Turkey is where the actual Saint Nicholas was born and also lived his life. When Christmas is not observed in Turkey, brand-new Year’s eve is a big holiday celebration there. That’s as soon as Noel Baba visits, bearing presents he dead in a sack. Noel Baba is sometimes portrayed in a sleigh and sometimes on a raft. He wears a red suit, despite it"s scaled back to account for the Turkish climate.

Pai Natal (Portugal)

In Portugal, Santa Claus is referred to as Pai Noel. The story that Pai Noel closely follows other Santa Claus traditions, with Pai Noel making a furtive visit to dwellings on Christmas night to provide presents to kids once they room soundly sleeping. These presents are left in ~ the family’s Christmas tree or in shoes that youngsters leave the end for him to find. However, part in Portugal say the it’s in reality the baby Jesus who leaves presents for the kids.

Papá Noel (Spain)

In Spain, Papá Noel travel the nation on Nochebuena (December 24), leaving presents for youngsters in the overnight hours. Kids awaken ~ above Christmas Day to those gift after enjoy it a big Christmas meal with family members the night before. Other than presents left by Papá Noel, though, other gift-giving waits until the Epiphany, i beg your pardon is January 6.

Papai Noel (Brazil)

In Brazil, Santa Claus is usually referred to as Papai Noel, despite the name Bom Velhinho, which translates from Portugese right into English as an excellent old man, is sometimes used. As result of the climate in Brazil, most homes do not have actually fireplaces, so Papai Noel doesn’t come in via a chimney. Youngsters in Brazil cave socks near a home window for Papai Noel come fill once he access time after they walk to sleep ~ above Christmas Eve.

Père Noël (France)

In France, Santa Claus is called Père Noël, that is frequently depicted in a white fur cloak with an enclosed hood, i beg your pardon he generally wears pulled up end his head. He travels by reindeer-pulled sleigh and visits residences to secretly leave presents because that children. He doesn’t to fill stockings, yet rather areas goodies in children slippers or shoes, which castle leave the end for him prior to going to bed ~ above Christmas Eve. Rather than leave milk for Santa to drink, French youngsters are most likely to to water him a glass that wine.

Saint Nikolaus (Austria)

In Austria, Saint Nikolaus visits dwellings to bring gifts top top December 5, which is the night before Nikolaustag, (Saint Nikolaus" Day). He behaves very much choose Santa Claus, but is named for the real-life bishop of the exact same name who passed away during the 4th Century. The name Saint Nikolaus, or Saint Nicholas, is provided in other countries as well, including many Germanic nations and English-speaking countries.


Samichlaus (Switzerland)

In Switzerland, Santa Claus goes by the name Samichlaus. Just like Austria’s Saint Nikolaus, December 5 is the day Samichlaus spreads delight (in the type of gifts) to kids throughout the country. Quite than being helped by elves, his assistants are described as schmutzli. The doesn’t have actually flying reindeer, but instead travels mostly by foot.

Sinterklaas (Holland)

Based ~ above Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas is the surname for Santa Claus used throughout the Netherlands. As with other nations where legacies surrounding Santa are linked to Saint Nicholas, his visit wake up on December 5, the evening prior to the Feast the Saint Nicholas. Youngsters place their shoes in former of the fireplace, as Sinterklaas is vulnerable to leaving tiny gifts or candy treats within of shoes.

Święty Mikołaj (Poland)

Based ~ above Saint Nicholas, Święty Mikołaj is the major Polish identical of Santa Claus. Youngsters wake up on December 6 to uncover a tiny gift indigenous Święty Mikołaj signaling the start of the Christmas season. The bulk of gift giving, however, is reserved for Christmas day. In some areas of Sweden, Poznań (which means star man) is the one who brings gifts to children.

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Weihnachtsmann (Germany)

In Germany, over there are several names for Santa Claus. The earliest one that is the most comparable to the method the jolly holiday gift-giver is illustrated in various other parts of the human being is der Weihnachtsmann, which is the German tantamount of father Christmas or Christmas man. Various other German names because that Santa Claus include Nickel, Klaus, and also Niglo.

Many Names for Santa

Just as there are plenty of Christmas customs around the world, over there are likewise Santa Claus name in various languages. This are just 20 the the numerous names for Santa Claus and also the heart of offering he embodies. Traditions and the exact date of his visit may vary, but there are some commonalities come the story of Santa Claus no issue what name is used. To learn an ext about Christmas terminology in other languages, explore much more Christmas native in Spanish.